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Cosmetic Accessories not only make our lives easier but also help take care of our skin. They should not only be a practical addition but also a decorative element of our bathroom. In our offer, you will find brushes for applying peels and masks made from the highest quality bristles, a cosmetic headband that will protect the skin and hair during the application of a face mask. Taking care of facial skin is extremely important, which is why we also offer a cotton towel for drying facial skin during home care treatments.

What cosmetic accessories are worth choosing?

When choosing cosmetic accessories, it’s worth paying attention to their quality and functionality. Accessories such as a cosmetic brush, face towel, or cosmetic headband will be an excellent choice. These accessories will make skincare rituals even more enjoyable. A cosmetic brush allows for the even application of cosmeceuticals, such as peeling or a mask. A cotton face towel will gently remove water and dry the face. A cosmetic headband will help control hair during treatments.

Cosmetic accessories for body and face from Dottore are a great option for you

Dottore cosmetic accessories are designed with every skin type and user’s different needs in mind. We use the highest quality materials that are gentle on the skin and easy to clean. The face towel is made from high-quality cotton with a weight of 500 g/m2. The cosmetic headband is made of soft white velour. The brush bristles are made of synthetic material, and the handle is made of lacquered wood. Using such accessories in your daily face and body care routine will allow you to effectively and safely apply your favorite cosmetics, undoubtedly increasing your comfort.

Tools and cosmetic accessories at Dottore

The Dottore brand is known not only for high-quality cosmeceuticals but also for excellent cosmetic accessories. We recommend brushes, towels, and headbands that are not only practical but also stylish. You can certainly use them at home and during your travels. We guarantee that they will serve you for many years. By choosing Dottore products, you can be confident that you are receiving products that will meet all your expectations.

Professional cosmetic accessories from Dottore. Buy online

Not only professional cosmetologists but also home care enthusiasts will appreciate Dottore cosmetic accessories. Both cosmetic accessories and cosmeceuticals can be purchased online. The convenience and speed of online transactions are appreciated by an increasing number of people. Whether you need a new makeup brush, face towel, or a practical headband, Dottore is here to help. You can order all products within a few seconds.