Cosmetic brush

Brush for masks and scrubs


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The brush is designed to ensure precise and effective application of cosmetics during home spa treatments.

A brush for applying masks and acids to the face, neck and décolleté.

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The cosmetic brush is made of the highest quality synthetic fibers in white. They are gentle on the skin, and at the same time extremely durable. The smooth and soft fibers of the brush allow even distribution of cosmetics on the skin without causing irritation. The brush easily picks up facial products and transfers them to the applied areas.

The brush is also easy to clean and maintain. Just wash it regularly with a mild detergent or a special brush cleaner to maintain hygiene and longer life. A brush is an essential accessory for your bathroom.

Cosmetic devices and accessories are a great gift idea. Our accessories will work well for performing beauty treatments at home.

  • even distribution of the product: the brush allows the product to be evenly distributed on the skin, which ensures more effective cosmetic action,
  • avoiding direct contact with hands: Using a brush minimizes hand contact with the product, which helps maintain hygiene and prevents contamination,
  • hygienic applications: The brush can be easily washed and disinfected after use, making it a more hygienic method of application than fingers,
  • precise application: With the brush, you can more precisely control the application on specific areas, such as around the nose, eyes or lips,
  • product economy: the brush allows you to use product in a more controlled and economical way, avoiding overspending,
  • applying masks on skin with makeup: If you are applying a mask or scrub on already painted skin, the brush allows you to apply without smearing makeup,
  • massaging and relaxing the skin: You can gently massage the skin during application, which can improve blood circulation and help the active ingredients be better absorbed,
  • application on hard-to-reach areas: The brush allows application to hard-to-reach areas, such as along the hairline or on the neck,
  • preventing irritation and redness: Manual application can sometimes lead to excessive friction or pressure, which can cause irritation. A brush allows for a more gentle and controlled application of the product,
  • reducing contact with irritants: If you use products with ingredients that can irritate the skin or are difficult to wash off, a brush allows application without direct contact.

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