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Eye Creams for Dark Circles. Swelling under the eyes may be caused by genetic factors, but it can also result from fatigue, poor diet, or stress. Regardless of the cause, dark circles make us look unattractive and older. How to prevent it? First and foremost, proper care is essential. Reduction of Dark Circles. A properly chosen cream will nourish the skin, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and restore radiance to the eyes. In our offer, there are creams containing carefully selected ingredients, including liposomal glacial water, Shea butter, and Eyeseryl. These substances will work effectively, provide proper care for the delicate skin around the eyes, and give you a younger appearance. Creams for Under Eye Bags. The skin around the eyes is very thin, lacks sebaceous glands, and has very few fat glands. All of this makes signs of aging and fatigue particularly visible around the eyes, leading to water retention and puffiness. The result? Dull-looking eyes and an older appearance. Reduction of Under Eye Bags. Dottore offers creams that provide excellent care for the delicate skin around the eyes. The proposed creams contain ingredients such as Eyeseryl – a bioactive tetrapeptide that reduces dark circles and eye bags, and liposomal glacial water, which ensures excellent hydration. Reducing under-eye bags and nourishing the skin will make your entire face look younger and more beautiful.

Dark Circles Under Eyes – Causes

Dark circles and bags under the eyes look unattractive and add years. What are the most common causes of such imperfections? Here we can mention:

  1. fatigue,
  2. lack of sleep,
  3. excessive stress,
  4. genetic predisposition,
  5. side effects of medications,
  6. allergy,
  7. diseases: diabetes, circulatory disorders, liver disorders,
  8. hypertension.

Dark Circles Under Eyes – How to Fight Them?

The skin around the eyes contains a small amount of subcutaneous tissue, lacks sweat glands, and sebaceous glands are present in very small amounts. All of this makes it very sensitive. Just one sleepless night or a poor diet, and dark or bluish-yellow circles may appear under the eyes. How to reduce dark circles under the eyes? Extremely helpful will be high-quality cosmetics. An eye cream will provide deep hydration and nourish delicate skin, and moreover, make it radiant and full of glow. It is also worth ensuring protection against smog, pollution, the harmful effects of air conditioning. Care combined with protection will certainly result in beautiful eyes.

Good Cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dottore’s eye cream is the best way to get rid of troublesome dark circles under the eyes. The light, creamy consistency of the cream perfectly moisturizes and smoothes the skin, and its formula helps reduce swelling and brighten dark circles under the eyes.

Cream for Dark Circles Under Eyes from Dottore

Dottore’s cream for dark circles under the eyes is a unique and innovative formula that helps reduce the visibility of dark circles and puffiness. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it helps nourish the skin and restore its natural health.

Eye Bags

Swelling and dark circles under the eyes make us look older and less attractive. All of this affects our well-being. Among the reasons for the formation of such imperfections, we can mention:

  1. fatigue and lack of sleep
  2. excessive stress
  3. diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension
  4. aging of the body
  5. genetic predispositions

Cream for Skin Care Around the Eyes

Taking care of the skin around the eyes primarily involves a high-quality cream. The cream should be applied to the skin around the eyes, spread in a semicircular motion, and gently pat. It is also worth ensuring the protection of delicate skin – protecting it from smog, air conditioning, pollution, Blue Light, or UV radiation. Such care will improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, minimize the risk of wrinkles and discoloration, and make our gaze full of radiance.

Effective Eye Cream for Puffiness

This eye cream is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of those troublesome bags! It is easy to use and helps reduce inflammation while moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes.

Under Eye Puffiness Help from Dottore

Dottore’s eye cream is a unique, completely exceptional product that helps reduce puffiness and inflammation under the eyes. Thanks to the content of natural ingredients, the cream soothes and refreshes tired eyes.