CITY protective night treatment

A set of antipollution cosmetics for the night, protecting the skin from the effects of the polluted environment


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The gift set contains a complete anti-smog care. Night cream, eye cream and facial essence protect the skin from the factors of the urban environment. The cosmetics take care of the condition of the skin. After just a few days, the skin is moisturized and brightened. It regains radiance and a luminous appearance. Proteolytic and pro-revitalizing complexes smooth the skin.

Urban protection creams use the action of beneficial fermentation, which allows active ingredients to be absorbed faster. The anti-pollution care set is an ideal gift set for a loved one. The creams are quickly absorbed and leave a velvety finish.

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City night protection treatment effectively protects the skin from harmful environmental conditions, i.e. smog, air pollution. Night face creams inhibit premature skin aging, improve skin condition, reduce wrinkles. They eliminate the feeling of dry skin, moisturize and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier.

The set of night face creams contains GFF Fermentation Filter from Galactomyces yeast, as well as proteolytic and pro-revitalizing complexes. The combination of plant enzymes with AHA acids results in imperceptible, fine-textured exfoliation of the skin without irritation. After just a few uses of anti-smog cosmetics, the skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. The processes of the epidermis are equalized.

Urban anti-smog cosmetics dottore cosmeceutici is an ideal gift set for a loved one.


City Night Protection Treatment is based on beneficial fermentation. It is a line of anti-smog cosmetics. These cosmetics are ideal for people living in a polluted environment and in the city.

The care set includes 3 cosmetics: City night cream, City eye cream and dottore City essence.

Galactomyces Fermentation Filter GFF is the active ingredient on which dottore’s anti-pollution line is based. This ingredient levels dry skin, gives a soothing sensation and moisturizes dry facial skin. It has an anti-wrinkle effect. It stops the processes of melanogenesis, so the skin has an even tone and no discoloration occurs.

Fermentation is one of the latest methods of obtaining more effective active substances. It is a unique, irreplaceable process of transformation, thanks to which it becomes possible to produce new raw materials with specific properties. The resulting active ingredients are better absorbed, work faster and more effectively. The exfoliating complexes in the night face cream make the skin soft, the keratinization processes are regulated. The skin tone is evened out.

  • skin exposed to a polluted environment – smog, exhaust fumes,
  • increased dryness of the skin, working in air-conditioned rooms,
  • skin that is dry, tightened, irritated,
  • uneven skin tone, gray and sallow skin,
  • the first signs of skin aging.

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