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Comprehensive skin care kit for vascular and rosacea-prone skin


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Cosmetics for vascular skin allow you to take care of your skin and improve its condition. Already after several uses, the feeling of tightness and irritation on the skin is reduced. Skin reactivity and susceptibility to external factors, i.e. wind, temperature difference, is reduced. The hydrolipidic balance of the skin is restored.

Regular use of the products makes the skin radiant and the skin tone is evened out.

The set of cosmetics will be an ideal gift idea for women and men. The cosmetics help to take care of vascular skin. The creams can be used all year round, even in winter. They are quickly absorbed and leave a velvety finish.

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Care of vascular skin and reactive skin requires specialized substances. A set of cosmetics for vascular skin effectively cares for the skin and protects it from irritants.

Regular use of creams from the rossatore line is an effective way to improve the condition and quality of the skin. Vascular skin care cosmetics reduce reactivity and eliminate erythema caused, for example, by sudden temperature changes and external factors.

After just a few uses, the skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. A reduction in fine facial wrinkles is also noticeable and the hydrolipid barrier is rebuilt.

Adaptogens are the active ingredients on which the rossatore line is based. They are plant substances that reduce the symptoms of rosacea and effectively protect dilated capillaries on the face. They make vascular skin radiant, restore homeostasis and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier.


The rossatore line includes 4 products for comprehensive care of sensitive skin. They will also work well for vascular skin and those with symptoms of rosacea. They reduce skin irritation and reactivity and prevent the formation of broken blood vessels and telangiectasias. Combining the active ingredients in the creams with the effective action of the facial mask and scrub gives a soothing sensation to even the most irritated sensitive skin.

The day cream uses the action of adaptogens in the care of vascular skin and reduces the symptoms of rosacea. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, reduces reactive skin activity and prevents irritation caused by external factors. The cream uses blur technology to add radiance to vascular skin.

The smoothing night cream has exfoliating ingredients that gradually regulate the thickness of the epidermis. It exfoliates, unclogs pores, and vascular skin is better prepared to receive active ingredients.

Complementary products include an enzymatic face scrub and a calming cream mask. Regular use of these products significantly reduces the symptoms of rosacea and reduces the visibility and intensity of dilated capillaries on the face. They effectively protect the skin from pollution and external influences.

  • vascular skin and skin with rosacea,
  • reactive skin,
  • sensitive, delicate, allergy-prone skin,
  • shallowly vascularized skin, erythema, hyperpigmentation,
  • irregular reticular hyperpigmentation,
  • telangiectasias – dilated blood vessels,
  • neurogenic (stress-induced) erythema and skin inflammation,
  • anti-aging effect, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • gray, tired and sallow skin.

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