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Supplementary Products for Daily Home Care are formulations with a concentrated formula and a high content of active ingredients. Thanks to them, skincare becomes easier and more effective. Incorporating them is one of the most effective ways to moisturize, nourish, and regenerate all types of skin.

Which Complementary Cosmetic Products to Choose?

The choice of complementary cosmetic products depends on the individual needs of the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, it’s worth paying attention to moisturizing and soothing masks. Such products will improve the skin’s condition, making tightness disappear. An essential element of caring for every skin type is protection against the sun. Creams with a high SPF filter protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. It is also essential to protect against Blue Light exposure – this minimizes the risk of photoaging of the skin. We should also remember the eye area, which requires special care – eye creams or masks are highly recommended solutions.

Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

Depending on the specific cosmeceutical, various active ingredients are used – those that will work best in a given case. A calming mask for sensitive and vascular skin contains soothing and calming ingredients, such as Chinese skullcap, shikimic acid, azeloglycine. In the composition of a regenerating epidermis cream, you will find ingredients such as Myramaze, Boswellia serrata, D-panthenol. The peptide lifting mask for the eye area contains Osilift®️, Eyeliss®️, Collaxyl®️, and the sun protection cream SPF 50+ includes niacinamide, ectoine, and argan oil.