Brightening-normalizing treatment

Set of cosmetics with a brightening and normalizing effect


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Facial care set with vitamin C and retinol is an effective treatment for aging skin. Active ingredients effectively work with signs of stress and pollution. The face creams delay the aging process and lighten discoloration.

Serums with vitamin C and nourishing day cream with the active derivative ascorbyl glucoside intensively nourish the skin, firm it and add radiance. Cosmetics with retinol, make the skin younger in appearance and free of imperfections. Wrinkles are smoothed out and skin tone is unified and evened out.

A set of facial care cosmetics is an ideal gift idea for a loved one. The cosmetics are ideal for the skin care of women and men. The creams are quickly absorbed and leave a soft, non-greasy finish.

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The set of facial care products is an effective therapy for anti-aging and improving skin tone. After just a few uses, a significant improvement in skin condition is noticeable.

Vitamin C in cosmetics – ascorbyl glucoside is a stable derivative that lightens hyperpigmentation, evens out skin tone and adds radiance to the skin. Vitamin C cream gives the effect of a natural glow to the facial skin.

Vitamin C serum and nourishing day cream contain ascorbyl glucoside, a stable derivative of ascorbic acid. The cosmetics protect the skin from premature aging and counteract the formation of free radicals in the epidermis.

Night cream with retinol improves the overall condition of the skin. Cosmetics with retinol are among the most effective products for the care of the aging face.


Cosmetics with vitamin C for day and night creams with retinol are the products most often chosen for the care of gray and sallow faces and skin prone to premature aging. As antioxidants, these ingredients prevent the formation of free radicals in the epidermis.

Brightening and normalizing treatment creams are a set of cosmetics that lighten discolorations, eliminate wrinkles and restore the skin’s natural radiance. A nourishing cream with a stable form of vitamin C is an anti-aging cosmetic. C-flush serum cares for skin with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, the retinol face cream prevents wrinkles, has an anti-aging effect and gives the effect of soft, supple skin.

After the treatment, brightened skin is noticeable, wrinkles are eliminated. The gift set is ideal for those looking for comprehensive skin care therapies.

The set of brightening and normalizing cosmetics is an ideal gift idea for a loved one.

  • anti-aging prevention (wrinkles, loss of skin density and firmness, sun-damaged skin, skin hydration disorders),
  • antioxidant protection of sun-damaged skin,
  • skin with imperfections,
  • uneven skin tone, facial discoloration, gray skin,
  • skin with a tendency to acne lesions and excessive sebum production.

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