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Set of cosmetics for day and night care of vascular skin


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Vascular and rosacea-prone skin needs gentle but effective care. The innovative combination of Chinese citronella with a revitalizing complex soothes redness of the skin and strengthens blood vessels.

After just a few uses, the vascular skin is full of radiance, the tone is evened out. The balance of the skin is restored and the symptoms of rosacea and vascular skin are minimized.

The set of care cosmetics are effective day and night face creams. The cosmetics can be used all year round. They are quickly absorbed and leave a velvety finish.

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Caring for vascular skin requires the right cosmetics. A set of facial care products helps take care of vascular skin, reduces the feeling of tightness and discomfort on the face and restores the balance of vascular skin.

Regular use of creams from the rossatore line reduces skin reactivity and eliminates erythema. The cosmetics for vascular skin have a brightening effect and improve color and add radiance. Active ingredients prevent skin irritation and dryness.

The day cream uses the properties of adaptogens, which restore the balance in the epidermis. They reduce the intensity and surface of skin redness and reduce skin reactivity. The cream causes a decrease in the frequency of the appearance of erythema and makes the skin tone uniform. Thanks to the use of blur technology, vascular skin is full of radiance.

The smoothing night face cream gently exfoliates the epidermis, unclogs pores and prevents wrinkles. Thanks to its low concentration of acids and high pH, it does not irritate sensitive skin. Already after several uses, a reduction in fine facial wrinkles is noticeable. The skin is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.


The set of cosmetics for vascular skin and those prone to dilated capillaries includes 2 creams for day and night use.

The day cream uses the adaptogenic effect of Chinese citronella. It exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, reduces skin redness and nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Minimizes the symptoms of rosacea.

Smoothing night face cream contains proteolytic complex, shikimic acid and azeloglycine. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections. Vascular skin is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Adaptogens are plant substances that show a normalizing effect in the care of vascular skin. Facial cosmetics with adaptogens help in the fight against rosacea. They restore balance to vascular skin, improve its color and add radiance, rebuild the hydrolipid barrier. They prevent the formation of dilated capillaries.

The skin care set with a strengthening effect is an ideal gift idea to a loved one.

  • vascular skin and skin with rosacea,
  • reactive skin,
  • sensitive, delicate skin, prone to allergies,
  • shallowly vascularized skin, erythema, hyperpigmentation,
  • irregular reticular hyperpigmentation,
  • telangiectasias – dilated blood vessels,
  • neurogenic (stress-induced) erythema and skin inflammation,
  • anti-aging effect, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

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