Sensitore tonic

Soothing tonic with aloe vera for skin care at home

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The tonic restores the correct pH of the facial skin, which is essential for its proper functioning. The cosmetic soothes, refreshes and cleanses the skin. The product restores the acid-alkaline balance of the skin and improves the absorption of active ingredients in creams.

Sensitore tonic contains 99.77% ingredients of natural origin. The formula of the tonic is alcohol-free. The product soothes sensitive and irritated skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

Capacity: 200 ml

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Tonic is a water-based skin cleanser. Its main task is to restore the proper pH value. The correct pH of facial skin is about 5.5. It is in such an environment that the active ingredients from creams are best absorbed, and the cosmetics used give better skin care results. After using the tonic, the skin is refreshed and free of impurities.

With regular use of the cosmetic, the skin is also cleansed of impurities. Proper skin care with a tonic makes the skin pores clear, and blackheads, blemishes and imperfections do not form.


The sensitore line includes 4 products for makeup removal and facial cleansing. The set of cleansing cosmetics is ideal for facial cleansing and care. Makeup removal products from the line meet the needs of different skin types.

Cleansing the skin with the right makeup remover should be the first and basic step in facial care. Air pollution, sebum, makeup residues on the skin are a breeding ground for bacteria. Careless facial makeup removal is a source of free radicals and a cause of premature aging of facial skin.

The first skin care step should be to use a makeup remover. A micellar lotion, milk or gel cleanser will properly cleanse the skin. A toner will soothe the facial skin and restore its proper pH. The product narrows enlarged pores, reduces the number of blackheads and counteracts blemishes and imperfections. Active ingredients from creams applied in subsequent products are better absorbed.

  • facial makeup removal,
  • equalization of the acid-base balance of the skin,
  • restoring the correct pH of the skin,
  • skin with impurities,
  • preparation of skin for further care.

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