There are warnings on every drug package, any used improperly can cause adverse effects. Today we will discuss a particular, very effective drug, although underestimated which is used in exceptional cases. We asked dr. Waldemar Jankowiak, and we have summarized his answers for you below!


Isotec is a popular acne medication. It is used in cases of very troublesome, advanced adolescent acne, when it does not pass with puberty and is resistant to all other standard treatments. It can be used, although under certain conditions, even in lighter cases.

The main ingredient of the drug is isotretinoin, a synthetic derivative of vitamin A. It is used in the treatment of various types of acne: nodulocystic, suppurative and focused acne. Isotec owes its effectiveness in the fight against acne to the reduction of the activity and growth of the sebaceous glands and the “ordering” of the processes of keratinization of the epidermis.”

Use of

Use must be consulted with a doctor, who will assess the necessary dose and duration of treatment. Today, the lowest effective doses are used, many times lower than those recommended in the past. However, the drug should be used for many months to achieve permanent skin remodeling. During the consultation, it is essential to inform about any medications you are taking. Pay special attention to other vitamin A preparations. The doctor also needs to know about all diseases and disorders – from liver failure, dry eyes, asthma, heart disease to depression.

It is necessary to inform the planned doctor about pregnancy or breastfeeding, as these are absolute contraindications to taking the drug. Isotec absolutely must not be used during this period! Isotretinoin risks very serious malformations in the fetus and gets into milk during breastfeeding. Necessary in women during the use of isotretinoin is effective contraception.

Unfortunately, you have to “pay” for effective acne treatment. The use of isotec is almost always associated with some side effects. The most common include dry mucous membranes, conjunctivitis and cheilitis, but there are also risks of headaches, joint and muscle pain, hair loss, hematuria and proteinuria. Rarely, but nevertheless, depression (with the current problem can worsen the symptoms), tendencies to aggression, anxiety and mood changes occur. Happily, at the very low doses currently used, these symptoms need not be feared.


Due to a fairly common side effect – dryness of mucous membranes and skin, special care is needed. It’s worth equipping yourself with moisturizing products – skin creams, eye drops. People with very dry skin will even benefit from good emollients.

Isotec makes the body more sensitive to irritation, especially of the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, prolonged exposure to the sun and other irritants should be avoided during treatment. UV protection is necessary. One should also be careful with invasive cosmetic procedures such as scrubs and hair removal.

Due to the dissolution and absorption of vit. And along with fat, the drug should be taken after a meal. Alcohol must not be consumed during the treatment.


To take care of your skin during isotec treatment, we recommend you four items – a moisturizer, a strong regenerating cream, an oil-rich body butter and a photoprotection.

NMF xpress cream – a highly moisturizing day and night cream. Its action is based on liposomal glacial water – a crystal clear active ingredient rich in minerals and liposomal carriers that transport water deep into the skin.

S.O.S. – a cream that accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis. Strengthens strength, makes the epidermal barrier more flexible. It provides hydration and soothes irritation.

Sacha butter – a butter containing the most valuable vegetable oils. Softens, regenerates and nourishes the skin. It can be used for hands, face, but also works well as a lip balm.

City SUN – a light cream that protects against UVA, UVB and blue light. It is designed for daily use.

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