The sequence of facial care – step by step

It’s worth finding the time to take proper care of your facial skin. Daily rituals, combined with properly selected cosmeceuticals, can work wonders. They will make your skin healthy and radiant.

How should proper facial care be performed? What steps should be taken and in what order?

Facial care step by step

Makeup removal – step number one

Facial care always begins with makeup removal. It’s best to get a makeup remover or micellar lotionand, of course, cotton balls. Gently remove eye, lip, and full face makeup. We don’t rub the skin. We press the cotton ball and wait for the cosmetic to work properly.

It’s important to carefully remove all residual make-up. This will keep the skin in good, healthy condition. We will allow the complexion to rest, regenerate and maintain its radiance.

Purification – removal of bacteria and contaminants. Step number two

Then we move on to cleaning. Here a washing gel or foam will work best. We apply them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember to wash the entire face thoroughly. We can help ourselves with a special brush. Dry your face with aclean towel. It is best to use a paper or cotton towel (designed only for wiping the face).

During makeup removal and cleansing, we remove makeup, impurities, sebum, sweat. Well-cleansed skin means less risk of acne lesions. It avoids drying the skin and ensures better absorption of the active substances contained in cosmetics.

Toning – equalizing the pH of the skin. Step number three

Let’s move on to the third skin care step, which is toning. The toner supports the cleansing process. Equalizes the pH of the skin (the normal pH is between 4.5-6). Moreover, it contains substances that positively affect the condition of our skin. These can include aloe vera leaf juice, vitamins, plant extracts.

Thoroughly cleansed skin is perfectly prepared to receive active substances from creams.

Eye cream – protecting delicate skin

Once the tonic is absorbed, we can move on to the next step – application of creams. The first step is to gently pat in the eye cream. The eye area requires careful care. In these areas, the skin is very thin. It shows signs of fatigue, stress, and the passing of time. Sometimes there are bags and dark circles under the eyes. Fortunately, products with properly selected active ingredients will remedy this problem.

Facial care with day and night cream

Then we move on to the application of face cream. The recommended solution is to use two creams – one for day and one for night. Choosing the right cream depends on the type of skin and individual indications.

Night creams are usually more concentrated. Their task is to stimulate regenerative processes and exfoliate dead skin.

Day creams have a lighter consistency. We choose one that will provide results in line with our needs. The right cosmetics can provide the skin with the necessary nutrients. They have a rejuvenating, lifting, moisturizing effect. They can serve as a base for makeup.

Supporting the care can be a serum – a cosmetic with a rich, concentrated formula. It is worth using the selected serum 1-2 times a week.

Sunscreen – UV and blue light protection

At all times we must be mindful of protecting our skin. Facial care also means protecting the face from harmful external factors. Pollution, exposure to the sun and blue rays, and rapid temperature changes are unfavorable. We are exposed to them all day, every season. That’s why it’s a good idea to use sunscreen not only in summer and spring. We recommend the cream from theCity SUN line with SPF 50+.

Take care of your skin every day to enjoy a beautiful, healthy complexion. With dottoreit’s easy!

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