TOP5 2021, or a summary of the year

Here’s a list of home care gems that were most popular this year. Are there any of your favorites here?

Place I
Rossatore Cream Blur Effect

The erythema that appears with even a slight change in temperature, after a glass of wine or a little exercise is the bane of many people. We found a solution!
Rossatore Cream Blur Effect is a day cream designed for vascular and highly sensitive skin. The blur technology that Rossatore’s day cream uses gives an almost instant brightening effect. With long-term use, it produces impressive results.

Place II
City SUN

We are very pleased that City SUN has such a high ranking! This means that awareness of the need to protect against sunlight and blue light emitted from electrical appliance monitors is growing. City SUN protects, has a moisturizing effect, yet is quickly absorbed and works well as a makeup base. It can successfully replace the day cream – it does not leave white marks.

Place III

The answer to a very difficult issue so far – combination skin. Cheeks get dry, nose and forehead notoriously oily, so you have to use different creams for different areas… not anymore! Who tried it, fell in love – at least that’s how we interpret the fact that the hydratore took its place on the podium.
Day cream with 5% mandelic acid. It can be safely used all year round – the concentration of the acid is adjusted to use it even in the heat of summer. It has a seboregulatory and antibacterial effect, making it an ideal cream for people with oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

Place IV
Sensitore gel

Why buy a face gel when you can just wash your face with soap? We haven’t heard this question in a long time, which only makes us happy! It’s a good thing you already know this – ordinary soap has an effect too strong for delicate facial skin. Sensitore gel is a cleanser that effectively removes impurities and excess sebum without compromising the hydrolipid barrier. It consists of more than 97% ingredients of natural origin. It will also work well for very sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Place V
C-flush cream RICH

Antioxidant protection is one of the cornerstones of prolonging the youthful appearance of our face. Free radicals are everywhere – they have many sources, and their destructive effects in our skin tissues are difficult to undo. It is better to act prophylactically. C-flush cream RICH is a day cream with vitamin C in a stable form. It has a nourishing effect, unifies the skin tone and reduces existing wrinkles. It was designed for gray, lackluster, sun-damaged skin with the first signs of aging.

TOP3 treatments

We’ve highlighted for you the three treatments that are the most popular in beauty salons – the best beauty salons we’ve found across the country! You can find all of them HERE.

Place I
rossatore xpress

Rossatore also reigns supreme on the professional list, so there must be something in it! You know what?
Rossatore xpress is the first adaptogenic treatment for vascular skin. Its effectiveness is a combination of the action of Chinese citronella, Centella Asiatica and arginine. Regular treatments and home care together can produce spectacular results! With the treatment, the skin becomes less hyper-reactive and the erythema less intense and extensive.

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Place II
retino booster

Anti-aging is one of the main reasons that attracts new people to the beauty salon. Retino Booster is a treatment that is one of the answers.
Retino Booster is a two-step treatment: it consists of a massage on butter containing xymenic acid and a retinol mask. The treatment is pleasant to feel, though rather not as much as observing the results after a series of four treatments.

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Place III
NMF xpress

Moisturizing is one of the basic elements of skin care. However, an effective moisturizing treatment, although a staple, is not at all that easy to find. Those who have already found it are not giving up. NMF xpress is a treatment that uses a multi-level skin hydration stimulation system. Liposomal glacier water, which is one of the main active ingredients, is a modern moisturizer. It is to her treatment that she owes the “deep hydration” effect. Combined with Shea butter, components of the skin’s natural NMF and pullulan, it moisturizes deeply and long-lasting.

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New Products

e will conclude our summary by once again proudly introducing the latest series – the peptide launch took place on 11/10/2021.

The peptide line Is dedicated to people with mature skin. Its action is based on peptides that stimulate collagen production, improve skin firmness and tone, and reduce visible wrinkles. Comprehensive care – day cream, night cream, eye cream and serum with phytohormones – provides mature skin with everything we need when the skin begins to lose firmness.

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