Vascular skin – 5 ways to care for it in summer

Vascular skin needs special care. Especially during the summer. Rapid changes in temperature, physical activity and environmental factors (sand, wind, air conditioning) can cause permanent changes and deterioration of the skin. Very important in care is prevention, that is, avoiding irritants.

Learn 5 ways to take care of it!

Learn 5 ways to take care of it!

We should use sunscreen all year round. Sun exposure accelerates the aging process of the skin and promotes the formation of telangiectasias. Remember to use sunscreen every day, regardless of the sunlight and season. It is worth using creams with SPF 50. Apply it multiple times throughout the day for the best protection.

Moisturizing, strengthening, soothing

Vascular skin is characterized by inflexible, dilated and shallow blood vessels under the skin. It is not only very thin and fragile, but also problematic. It should be moisturized and strengthened with appropriate cosmetics. Also remember to moisturize from within. During the summer, especially pay attention to proper hydration of the skin and the entire body.


Inadequate diet, alcohol and other stimulants have a significant impact on the deterioration of skin quality and condition. Spicy spices and hot drinks should also be avoided. It is worth eating foods containing vitamin C (e.g. bell peppers, parsley), beta carotene (e.g. carrots, broccoli, spinach), rutin (beets) and vitamin K (green leafy vegetables).

Avoid rapid changes in temperature

Sudden changes in temperature cause rapid contraction or dilation of surface blood vessels. It is worth keeping this in mind and avoiding sudden changes in temperature during the day. Physical activity is very important, but it can affect the formation of erythema on the face.

Proper exfoliation

Gentle cleansing and exfoliation is important and should not be forgotten. Enzyme scrubs used 1-2 times a week will help keep the skin in good condition. They will dissolve dead skin, help get rid of blemishes, and the active ingredients applied in creams will be better absorbed.


Rossatore Cream Blur Effect – a cream for vascular skin and with a tendency to rosacea. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, reduces skin redness, and makes protein fibers more flexible.

Rossatore Peel Home – enzymatic smoothing and regenerating scrub for sensitive and vascular skin.

Rossatore Mask Home – a calming mask for sensitive and vascular skin.

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