What cream for very dry facial skin? Guide

Very dry skin is rough, dull, lackluster skin. People struggling with such an imperfection very often complain of astringency, irritation and redness. As you can easily guess, very dry skin requires proper care, the choice of cream is of great importance here.

A very dry face – or what kind of face?

In the case of very dry skin, the sebaceous glands work more slowly than they should, and this leaves the skin devoid of its natural lipid mantle – the lack of a natural lipid mantle makes the skin more sensitive to external factors, including sunlight, temperature, wind and air pollution.

What are the causes of excessive skin dryness? Here we distinguish between external and internal factors. External ones include overexposure to the sun, frost, wind, low humidity, improperly selected cosmetics. Internal causes include dehydration, poor diet, hormonal disorders, diabetes.

Cream for very dry facial skin – which one to choose?

There is no one specific answer here. The cream should be selected for all the needs of the skin, as well as the age of the person. Moreover, this cream should provide good protection from external factors, strengthen the skin barrier, retain water in the skin for hours, have a soothing and calming effect.

It is good to bet on cosmetics with natural, well-thought-out composition, containing, for example, glacial water encapsulated in liposomes, vitamins, plant extracts or hyaluronic acid. What creams, on the other hand, should be avoided? Creams containing alcohol and other substances that can dry out the epidermis are discouraged.


Dry skin can be very problematic, so it is worth taking care of it properly. A well-chosen cream will have a soothing effect, retain water in the epidermis and positively affect the condition of the skin. It is best to opt for creams containing natural active ingredients, without alcohol in the formulation.

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