Zabieg nmf xpress
Zabieg nmf xpress

NMF xpress

Facial moisturizing treatment, with disrupted hydrolipid barrier and dry skin

The deeply moisturizing treatment normalizes the process of keratinization of the epidermis and regenerates the damaged hydrolipid barrier of the skin. Active ingredients improve skin condition, hydration, hydration and elasticity. A rich complex of moisturizing ingredients results in immediate and long-lasting hydration of dry skin.

The facial moisturizing treatment combats the causes of dry skin and gives a deep
moisturizing effect. It is an effective way to moisturize the skin.

Dry skin regains elasticity and tone, has a luminous color and irritation is reduced. The banquet treatment can be performed throughout the year.

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duration of the procedure

60 minutes

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recommended frequency

4-6 treatments at an interval of 7 days

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use regardless of season


  • dry and very dry skin,
  • overdried and dehydrated skin,
  • skin in need of regeneration and strengthening action,
  • disrupted hydrolipid barrier,
  • genetic dry skin
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Care effects

The moisturizing treatment effectively addresses the causes of dry skin. It is an effective way to moisturize the skin and repair the skin’s damaged hydrolipid barrier. Already during the treatment there is a noticeable improvement in the elasticity and tone of dry skin. The skin’s primary defense against external agents is the epidermal barrier. Its state and condition is crucial in the care of any type of skin. A damaged hydrolipid barrier is a big problem in skin care.

NMF xpress treatment effectively improves facial skin hydration, reduces dryness, regenerates. In addition, it balances the work of the sebaceous glands, responsible for the secretion of sebum. The deeply moisturizing treatment normalizes the processes of keratinization of facial skin, improves collagen structure and increases the amount of glycosaminoglycans. After just one treatment, improvements in skin hydration and elasticity are noticeable. Dry facial skin is soft and supple.

The feeling of irritation disappears and the hydrolipid barrier is restored.

During a study performed on a group of proband women with dry and very dry skin, it was confirmed that the use of products with liposomal ice water significantly increases skin hydration. 100% of women confirm calming, refreshing and a pleasant cooling sensation of the epidermis, while 85% declare a lasting improvement in skin hydration.

Active ingredients

Properly selected active ingredients are an effective way to moisturize the skin in the beauty salon.

Woda lodowcowa

Liposomal glacial water

It is the only biologically active form of vitamin C. It is a very powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and prevents oxidative stress in the skin. Applying vitamin C to the skin is an effective treatment for facial wrinkles. In skin care, it stimulates collagen synthesis, increases skin elasticity and firmness. It is an effective ingredient for preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Shea butter

Shea butter

It perfectly regenerates and rebuilds the hydrolipid barrier. It effectively protects the skin from harmful external factors, and additionally has soothing properties.

Treatment procedure

The treatment helps in the care of dry skin. Properly selected active ingredients induce skin hydration and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier.

The first step of the facial treatment is the application of a chemical peel. It normalizes the keratinization processes of the epidermis without additional irritation. Another product is an intensive moisturizing serum with glacier water and a hydrating complex. During the treatment, a full-body massage is performed, which intensively stimulates microcirculation of the skin and oxygenates its cells. The cream and kaolin mask is the final step in dry skin care.

The greatest nursing effects are noticeable after the entire treatment series is performed. NMF xpress treatment can be performed throughout the year.

Suggested home care

Increase the skin care effects and protect the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier with appropriatei home care products