5 gift ideas for a man

Looking for cosmetics for a gift for a man? Want to bring joy to a loved one? We have some gift inspiration for you!

Cosmetics for men – what is worth paying attention to?

Father’s Day, birthdays, holidays – these are ideal occasions to give a pleasant surprise to your dad, partner, son. Maybe this time it will be a cosmetic surprise? Many men appreciate the importance of facial care and are eager to test new products. For cosmetics to make a man happy, they should be effective, pleasant to use and carefully selected. It’s great if the products have precise action, high concentrations of active ingredients and formulations based on modern technologies.

How to choose a set of cosmetics or a single product for a gift for a man? Think about the needs of the person you want to gift. If you have knowledge of your skin type – it’s a big help. You can do a skin test online and check out suggestions for cosmetics that suit specific indications. Or is it easier for you to determine the lifestyle of your dad, son, partner? Maybe he often stays in the sun or in the cold? His skin is prone to irritation, dehydration, free radicals? This is a good clue when choosing a gift.

What men’s cosmetics can you find at dottore?

We have great news for you! Almost all dottore cosmetics are designed for skin care for both men and women. Choose from face and eye creams, masks, scrubs, lotions, cleansing products, cheeses, massage butters. You are free to search for gift cosmetics in terms of a specific action. These are, for example, anti-aging, antioxidant, photoprotection, hydration, sebum regulation, and skin calming.


You can gift almost any dottore product to a man – which is the exception? It is about phytolift serum. The cosmetic contains phytohormones, which are plant substances with a structure and action similar to female estrogen.

So there is plenty to choose from! To make your decision easier, we have prepared 5 diverse cosmetic gift ideas for a man.

Gift No. 1. – nanotechnology and protection (not only) for summer

Our first gift idea for a man is a set of cosmetics with a novelty on the market. Ferulic antiox cream i City SUN SPF 50+ are two face creams that provide:

  • antioxidant activity, or neutralization of free radicals (read more here);
  • protection from harmful environmental factors;
  • UV and Blue Light protection for the skin;
  • reduction of the first signs of aging;
  • improving skin firmness;
  • equalizing color;
  • epidermal hydration support.

It’s the perfect gift for a man whose skin:

  • is exposed to conditions that promote the proliferation of free radicals,
  • shows signs of oxidative stress,
  • is frequently exposed to sunlight (at any time of the year) and Blue Light.

Does the man you are gifting spend a lot of time in the sun or in front of device screens? If so, this is the set for him. And if, in addition, he appreciates modern, effective technologies – this is a real hit!Ferulic antiox cream takes advantage of the benefits of nanotechnology.

Gift No. 2. – modern skin hydration

The moisturizing treatment is two products:NMF xpress cream and NMF xpress eyes. This set of cosmetics is designed fordry and dehydrated skin.. Many men love cosmetics fromthe NMF xpress line! The most important secret of these products is liposomal ice water. Molecules of crystal clear water are encapsulated in molecules that reach the deep layers of the epidermis. There they release their action, causing multi-level hydration.

The kit includes a facial skin care and a separate eye and eyelid cream. Too often we forget the unique needs of the delicate eye area. This is why it happens that the epidermis in this area looks older than in other areas of the face. A two-component moisturizing treatment will help prevent this.

Choose a set of moisturizing cosmetics for a gift for a man who:

  • Needs to strengthen the hydrolipid barrier of the skin;
  • Is often exposed to harmful environmental factors (e.g., wind, low temperature);
  • Has puffiness and dark circles under the eyes;
  • Has a genetic tendency to dry skin;
  • likes cosmetics with a pleasant, non-greasy texture and a delicate fragrance.

Gift No. 3. – set of regenerative cosmetics

A man’s facial skin is often prone to irritation. They can be caused, for example, by shaving or improper grooming. Itching also occurs when the hydrolipid barrier is weakened and flabby skin lacks nutrients.

That’s why our fourth gift idea is a set of cosmetics to regenerate and nourish the skin. The cosmetic trio ofS.O.S. + C-flush cream RICH + sacha butter will come in handy for the man who:

  • has irritated skin, feels itching, burning;
  • wants to make the skin more resilient and increase its regenerative capacity;
  • needs nutrient-rich products;
  • notices in himself the first wrinkles and other signs of aging.

The S.O.S. cream accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and ensures an adequate level of hydration. It can be used on irritated, itchy, reddened skin. It will quickly soothe unpleasant sensations and restore the epidermis. Once the healing process is complete, it is a good idea to start using C-flush cream RICH. This is a day cream with vitamin C with nourishing and anti-aging effects. The active ingredients will strengthen the skin’s immunity, increase its regenerative abilities, improve skin tone and elasticity. Sacha butter on the other hand, is a highly nourishing product ideal for use on the face and entire body. The appetizingly scented massage butter will support the restoration of the epidermis and protect the complexion from harmful factors. After the massage, the skin will be soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Gift No. 4. – Intensive strengthening of reactive skin

If you know a man’s grooming needs well, you can bet on choosing aready-made complete treatment. This time we offer a four-componentintensive strengthening treatment from the rossatore line. It includes a : day cream, an exfoliating night cream, a calming mask and an enzyme scrub. The set is a great gift idea for a man whose skin:

  • it blushes when exposed to temperature changes and emotions;
  • has blood vessels visible shallowly under the skin;
  • is sensitive, delicate, susceptible to external factors;
  • tends to have rosacea-like lesions.

Gift No. 5. – relaxation and effective care with expert support

What about gifting it with time to relax and receive professional care? Browse the range ofnon-invasive cosmetic treatments. Such an exclusive gift will be perfect for a man who:

– needs respite and relaxation;
– values the support of professionals;
– seeks effective cosmetic solutions with noticeable results;
– would like to enhance the effects of home care.

Check out which offices in the area perform dottore treatments!

Which gift will you choose? Already have your eye on interesting cosmetics for men? Curious about a specific cosmetic kit? Or maybe you want to ask about a cosmetic treatment for a man? Write to us!

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