Diet and healthy skin

Is the effect of diet on the skin great? Dość duży, żebyśmy postanowili poruszyć ten temat! Diet is one of the endogenous (intrinsic) factors affecting changes in our skin. Do you know the saying “you are what you eat”? We would rather say “you look the way you eat”.


The human body consists of 50-75% water, but is constantly losing it. It needs to be supplemented. To stay hydrated, an adult should drink 2 liters of water each day. But we point out – water! Unfortunately, sweetened, “colored” drinks can’t replace it, although that’s what some people think.

Effects of water deficiency in the body

The first symptom of dehydration you will encounter will be a headache. Do you often get headaches? Sometimes, instead of reaching for a pill, all you need to do is sit for a while and slowly drink a glass or two of water. Water is essential for our bodies to function properly.

You may not realize it, but dehydration can also cause muscle weakness. Lack of water in the tissues makes it difficult for them to work. Further occurring symptoms include dry mouth, nasal passages, as well as lethargy, changes and mood disorders. Maybe it’s a good time to take a sip of water?

Moisturizing the skin

As you already know from the article „Skin – what you know about it, how to take care of it”, the skin is the first to be deprived of water when it begins to lack it in the body and the last to receive it when the shortage is replenished. This is one of its functions as a protective organ of our body. Dehydration accelerates the skin aging process. Wrinkles become visible faster, and the skin loses its ability to regenerate. In addition to drinking water, it is a good idea to support the hydrolipid barrier by using moisturizing creams.

Are sweeteners better than sugar?

Is it healthier if you drink drinks that declare no sugar in the composition? Unfortunately, it’s hard to get a definite answer. Sugar in the form of sweets, for example, is a snack that will give us an insulin spike and thus a surge of energy… but for a very short time. Immediately afterwards, you will feel even more sleepy than before. What’s worse – you will also look tired!

Bags under the eyes can also appear or become more pronounced by eating sweets. If we talk about the ratio of skin to sugar – it is not the best. In addition to bags under the eyes, sugar can cause inflammation. If you own oily skin, you can expect to aggravate the blemish situation. Reducing sugar will benefit your overall well-being, as well as your appearance.

Drinks with a big zero on the package, boasting the absence of sugar in the composition, must replace it with something. Mostly just with sweeteners. Do you know what’s in their ingredients? Aspartame is a chemical compound that can cause joint pain! What’s more – you will not replace the desire for sweet with a sweetener. Aspartan can make you have it even bigger. Another side effect of replacing sugar with sweetener can be puffy face.

Mild or harsh?

Mild please, and your skin will thank you. Spicy foods burn on the tongue, in the esophagus – you know the feeling. Your skin knows and reacts to them too! Have you ever experienced a blush after a spicy dish? This is the effect of blood vessels dilated under the influence of burning. People with sensitive skin may have trouble getting rid of erythema. Uneven skin tone can stay for longer than we would expect. In addition, eating throat-scorching meals also contributes to the overproduction of sebum.


While spicy foods can improve metabolism, they should not be eaten too often. However, they are discouraged for those struggling with gastrointestinal, kidney and bladder diseases.


In winter we spread salt on the sidewalk. Why? Because it absorbs water, so the ice (solid water) dissolves and is not slippery. How does salt work in our body? Similarly – it absorbs water. This is best seen in our skin. It becomes dry, dull, lack luster, the bags under the eyes deepen, and we look very tired.

Excess salt in our diet has another important aspect – excretion. Excess salt escapes through the skin in the form of sweat. It causes irritation, and any acne lesions and inflammation will flare up.


A glass of wine hasn’t hurt anyone yet. However, any larger amount of alcohol already dehydrates ansz body. The skin is losing its firmness. With regular alcohol consumption, many negative effects can occur:

  • the hydrolipid barrier weakens, making the skin more vulnerable to external factors,
  • the complexion loses its glow, becomes gray,
  • the face often becomes puffy, especially the swelling under the eyes becomes pronounced,
  • spots may occur, indicating alcohol intolerance.

the blushes that appear when we drink too much alcohol are also not indifferent to the state of our skin. it is likely that people who frequently consume alcohol have an increased risk of developing rosacea.


Skin dehydrated by alcohol, reacts less well to the active ingredients in creams.


As you can see, many foods contribute to the dehydration of our skin and accelerate the aging process. What do we recommend?

NMF xpress cream – a deeply moisturizing cream adapted to even the most demanding, dry skin. It can be used all year round, morning and evening. It works well under makeup – the lightweight texture and effectiveness have already won many fans! Also available NMF xpress eye dedicated to the eye area.

C-flush cream RICH – vitamin C has benefits not only when used orally! If we already have a problem with skin tone, gray, sallow complexion a nourishing cream with Vitamin C is a good solution. It has an anti-aging effect and provides antioxidant protection for the skin.

C-flush serum – is a solution for people who want to provide their skin with nourishment, but are not fond of thick, concentrated creams. The light texture and richness of active ingredients are the perfect combination for demanding people with oily and combination skin.

Retino – a restorative night cream that is great for tired skin. It unifies and brightens its color, regulates sebum secretion and smooths wrinkles. As a result, the complexion is rejuvenated and smoothed!

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