Events with dottore – February 2024

In February, we had the pleasure of meeting with professional clients under different circumstances than usual. Check out the photos!

Fat Thursday

Dottore’s regional consultants visit beauty salons and aesthetic medicine clinics every day. They support cosmetologists and beauticians in many ways: they mediate product replenishment, compose favorable customized orders, inform about cosmetic news and marketing opportunities, train salon employees and answer any questions related to working with dottore cosmeceutici products. However, there are also less official visits, focused primarily on cultivating friendly relations. The occasion for pleasant meetings and casual conversations became Fat Thursday, which fell on February 8. On this day, our sales representatives entered beauty parlors with donuts!

Opening of new beauty salon

We love such occasions! A great place has appeared on the map of Warsaw: the Jesteś Piękna beauty salon. We have had the pleasure of participating in the development of the salon from the very beginning. The opening day was attended by Paulina Hanszke, a trainer and regional sales representative. The event featured a presentation of dottore treatments and cosmetics and a demonstration of the treatment in practice. Guests also received cosmetic gifts.

Treatments and dottore home care products are now available at the Jesteś Piękna beauty salon. Every person who comes here is provided with attentive, professional cosmetological care. We heartily recommend the new place and invite you to Warsaw!

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