NEW! C-flush mandelic – facial treatment with vit. C and mandelic acid

Experience the bi-directional action and immediate results of a new treatment from dottore cosmeceutici! The innovative combination of vitamin C and mandelic acid is ideal for skin in need of normalization and brightening.

New offer from dottore – for whom?

Vitamin C is invaluable – also in cosmetics. Its all-around beneficial effects help achieve a marked improvement in skin condition and tone. Ascorbic acid is used in the care of all skin types. And what happens when you combine vitamin C with another effective ingredient like mandelic acid? The answer is that a whole new spectrum of care possibilities will open up.

C-flush mandelic is a facial treatment that brightens and normalizes the skin. It is designed for people who:

  • have oily or mixed skin with imperfections;
  • are looking for ways to reduce acne lesions and hyperpigmentation;
  • notice signs of a stressful lifestyle on their skin;
  • want to protect the skin from environmental pollution and the effects of free radicals;
  • need skin regeneration, such as after sun exposure;
  • want to refresh the skin and restore its elasticity and radiance.

C-flush – two treatments with vit. C

If you are already familiar with the C-flush line, you probably know C-flush radiance. This long-cherished treatment with active vitamin C remains available from dottore. It is joined by a brand new offering, the C-flush mandelic treatment. The procedure, enriched with an almond peel and algae mask, expands the indications and aesthetic results.

  • C-flush radiance – has anti-aging, brightening and antioxidant effects;
  • C-flush mandelic – regulates the sebaceous glands, has a brightening and antioxidant effect

With this distinction, vitamin C treatment can now be even more precisely tailored to individual skin needs.

What does vitamin C do?

The use of ascorbic acid as a means of improving the body’s immunity is well known. However, this is just one of the many properties of vit. C. In addition to its effect on the immune system, the compound strengthens blood vessels and speeds up the healing process. Signs of vitamin C deficiency include increased tendency to bleed, muscle and joint pain, general physical weakness and increased susceptibility to infection. Therefore, it is very important to provide yourself with ascorbic acid as part of your diet.

Vitamin C has an extremely important effect on the condition of the skin. Unfortunately, the largest organ in our body assimilates the necessary components last, and is the first to give up its supplies to other organs in case of shortages. It is therefore important to carefully select and regularly use cosmetics with the right substances. Such products include creams and serums with vitamin C, as well as a cosmetic treatment with this ingredient, enriched with other valuable substances.

Vitamin C-deficient skin has a grayish tone and lacks radiance. It easily succumbs to harmful environmental factors and is susceptible to oxidative stress. Too low levels of vit. C can also lead to perifollicular keratosis.

How vit. C affects the skin

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. This means that it supports the body’s fight against excess free radicals, thus preventing signs of oxidative stress. Ascorbic acid has a conditioning effect on the skin. It smooths the complexion, improves skin tone and affects hydration levels. It has a nourishing and anti-wrinkle effect. It exhibits brightening, regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties. It seals blood vessels and the hydrolipid barrier. It helps reduce hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production.

Skin care with the help of vitamin C is most effective when it includes the use of ascorbyl glucoside. It is a stable form of vit. C. It is worth paying attention to when choosing a vitamin C treatment, cream and serum.

Acne and more, or what mandelic acid is for

Now let’s take a look at the second active ingredient included in the new C-flush mandelic treatment by dottore. Mandelic acid is a prized member of the alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) group. When is mandelic acid applied to the face? Primarily for acne vulgaris and imperfections. Exfoliating, seboregulating and anti-inflammatory effects make mandelic acid anexcellent solution to adult and teen acne.

However, acne vulgaris is only one of the indications for the use of mandelic acid. This valuable active ingredient also helps reduce blackheads and narrow skin pores. It also improves skin tone and elasticity. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized. It is a great choice for people with mixed and oily skin. Mandelic acid is a seboregulator, meaning that it helps even out sebum production in the sebaceous glands.

The advantage of mandelic acid is its high potency with low irritant properties. As a result, the ingredient can be used in the care of acne-prone skin even when it is sensitive.

Can you use mandelic acid at home? Yes – in lower concentrations, such as 5%, as in the hydratore cream. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from a higher concentration of mandelic acid, you can go for a professional cosmetic facial treatment. For example, choose a peel with mandelic acid or a combination of peels and other methods. A treatment that combines different technologies is C-flush mandelic.

C-flush mandelic – the combined power of active ingredients

The new C-flush mandelic treatment maximizes the potential of vitamin C and mandelic acid.

  • brightens the skin and evens out its tone;
  • stimulates regeneration and reconstruction processes;
  • stimulates and accelerates collagen synthesis;
  • reduces the number of acne outbreaks and lesions;
  • regulates the sebaceous glands.

The combination of vit. C with mandelic acid allows to achieve spectacular results and significantly improve the appearance of the skin. The C-flush mandelic treatment works especially well for acne-prone, mixed, oily skin with blackheads, blemishes, imperfections and uneven skin tone.

The secret of the treatment is not only the innovative combination of active ingredients, but also the use of various technologies. Manual techniques are accompanied by sonophoresis or needleless mesotherapy.

What is the procedure for the new facial treatment? After a thorough cleansing, the cosmetologist degreases the skin and increases its ability to absorb active ingredients. Then applies a scrub. The mandelic acid it contains works on acne, smooths the skin, reduces the layer of dead cells and affects the level of hydration. Once the skin’s exposure to the acid is complete, the specialist proceeds to infuse active vitamin C using sonophoresis or needle-free mesotherapy. In the next step, the skin is calmed, soothed and nourished with an algae mask. Finally, the skin receives an intensive dose of valuable ingredients contained in the vitamin C serum (up to 15%) and day cream.

And at home… What besides a vitamin C serum?

The effects of any facial cosmetic treatment can be enhanced and prolonged with properly selected home care. For C-flush mandelic, a day cream and serum with vitamin C will be an excellent choice. Products that nullify the symptoms of acne and help fight its causes will also come in handy.

Vitamin C serum

The cosmetic with the highest concentration of the active ingredient is the serum. The C-flush line includes a serum that contains up to 6% vit. C in the form of ascorbyl glucoside. Such a composition provides strong antioxidant and anti-aging effects. Vitamin C serums are also an effective way to protect the skin from the symptoms of photoaging.

The best skin care results will be achieved with complementary cosmetics with ascorbic acid. That’s why the homemade C-flush line includes two vitamin C cosmetics: nourishing day cream C-flush cream RICH andC-flush serum. The day cream contains 2% ascorbyl glucoside.

What else besides vit. C?

After a professional C-flush mandelic treatment, it is also a good idea to use cosmetics for acne-prone skin and those for which uneven skin tone is indication. These include:

It is also necessary to take care of the eye area. For this purpose, the City eye cream is perfect.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing the most important thing, which is a thorough cleansing of the skin. Daily face washing with sensitore products is a must. In addition, to get in-depth action 1-2 times a week and to fight blackheads, the puratore enzyme scrub with papain will be useful.

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