C flush mandelic
C flush mandelic

C-flush mandelic

Normalizing and brightening treatment with vitamin C and mandelic acid

The C-flush mandelic treatment combines the brightening effects of vitamin C with mandelic acid. The treatment combats the first signs of skin aging, reduces hyperpigmentation and stimulates collagen production. Protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

The vitamin C cosmetic is prepared individually for each person during treatment and guarantees the continued stability of ascorbic acid.
The skin after the treatment is tightened, firm and brightened. In addition, due to the application of mandelic acid, the number of lesions and acne lesions is reduced.

The effects of the treatment are noticeable immediately.

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duration of the procedure

60 minutes

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recommended frequency

4-6 treatments at an interval of 7-10 days

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use regardless of season


  • visible on the skin consequences of environmental pollution and stressful lifestyles,
  • the need to regenerate the skin after sun exposure,
  • first wrinkles, i.e. facial wrinkles on the forehead, lion’s wrinkle, crow’s feet,
  • the need to refresh and normalize combination and oily skin and skin with imperfections,
  • the need for antioxidant protection.
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Przed po mandelic

Care effects

Brightening treatment with vitamin C is an effective therapy for skins exposed to the harmful effects of a polluted environment and in need of refreshing and normalizing. 

After the treatment, the skin is effectively stimulated to regenerate and rebuild. Cosmetics with vitamin C and mandelic acid effectively improve skin tone, increase collagen and elastin production, prevent facial wrinkles and fight free radicals.

Vitamin C cosmetics are effective ways to get rid of gray and dull complexions. They fight free radicals and oxidative stress, which are the cause of premature skin aging and facial wrinkles.
The effects are noticeable immediately. Immediately after treatment, the skin is firm, supple and radiant. The skin tone is evened out, acne lesions are muted.

* Effect after 1 treatment.

Active ingredients

The brightening-normalizing treatment uses the properties of vitamin C, or l-ascorbic acid, and mandelic acid.

Kwas l askorbinowy

L-ascorbic acid

It is the only biologically active form of vitamin C. It is a very powerful antioxidant, fights free radicals and prevents oxidative stress in the skin. Applying vitamin C to the skin is an effective treatment for facial wrinkles. In skin care, it stimulates collagen synthesis, increases skin elasticity and firmness. It is an effective ingredient for preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

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Mandelic acid

It is an alpha hydroxy acid used in the care of combination, oily and imperfect skin. It regulates cell renewal, exfoliates the top layers of the epidermis. It improves skin texture and color, adds radiance, prevents the formation of blackheads. Cosmetics with mandelic acid make the skin more elastic, softer and smoother. The number of acne outbreaks and lesions is reduced

Treatment procedure

C-flush mandelic is a treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. This combines the effective action of cosmetics with mandelic acid with the brightening effect of l-ascorbic acid on the skin. The treatment is effective in treating skin in need of refreshing and normalization.

In the first stage of the treatment, a mandelic acid peel is performed on the face. This ingredient has exfoliating properties, regulates cell renewal and improves skin texture. It has a regulating effect on the sebaceous glands. In the next step, l-ascorbic acid powder is applied. Immediately during the procedure, a special preparation is prepared in the form of a gel, in which l-ascorbic acid is dissolved. It guarantees the constant activity and stability of vitamin C. Vitamin C is injected into the skin using needle-free mesotherapy or sonophoresis. It effectively fights free radicals and prevents facial wrinkles on the forehead (lion’s wrinkle), around the eyes and mouth. Use vitamin C on the face for effective anti-aging therapy. A soothing algae mask is then applied to the skin. It allows the skin to rest, to calm down after the treatment. The treatment ends with the application of a serum with vitamin C, and a nourishing C-flush cream RICH.

The skin after the treatment may be slightly flaky gommage type. It should be properly moisturized and cared for with home care products as recommended by a cosmetologist.

The effects of tightened, radiant skin last long after the treatment.