How to choose a good rejuvenating cream?

As time passes, wrinkles and furrows appear on our face. The skin is no longer as smooth and supple as it used to be, and the level of hydration decreases. How to take care of skin with such imperfections? What treatment to use? Here you can not miss a rejuvenating cream, containing selected active ingredients. We encourage you to read!

Rejuvenating cream from dottore

Which rejuvenating cream should I choose? For all those looking for the perfect solution, we have prepared several suggestions.

Peptide night – peptide lifting cream – a cream that is perfect for such imperfections as wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of firmness and elasticity or disturbed facial oval. Selected active ingredients – peptides and snowberry extract make the skin smoother and softer, in better condition and looking younger. What’s more, the cream stimulates repair and regeneration processes, which run most intensely at night.

Peptide day – peptide lifting cream – a peptide cream that will work for any type of mature skin in need of lifting. The cream’s ingredients include snowberry, which has an anti-aging effect and makes facial wrinkles less visible.

Novo – intensive rejuvenating night cream with 8% glycolic acid – a cream dedicated to those struggling with wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. The glycolic acid contained in the cream stimulates cell regeneration and fibroblast division. This results in smoother, nourished, more supple skin. What’s more, this treatment reduces the effects of adverse factors to which the skin is exposed during the day. This cream will also stimulate repair and moisturizing processes, which run most intensely at night. All this will result in a younger appearance.

C-flush cream RICH – nutritional and anti-wrinkle cream with vitamin C – wrinkles and fine lines, discoloration, lack of elasticity? This cream will eliminate the mentioned imperfections, leave the skin smooth and radiant. And in addition, it will protect the complexion from UV radiation and other harmful factors. The ideal anti-aging treatment.

Novo Forte – intensive rejuvenating night cream with 12% glycolic acid – a cream that was developed for mature, gray, dry skin. This cream, thanks to its 12% glycolic acid content, has an anti-wrinkle effect and improves skin density and tone. Boswellia serrata, contained in the formulation, on the other hand, strengthens the skin’s resistance and prevents irritation.


The rejuvenating cream will positively affect the condition of the skin, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, increase the level of hydration. All this will make the skin look more beautiful and younger. Among the rejuvenating creams of special note are Novo, C-flush cream RICH, Novo Forte, Peptide night, Peptide day.

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