Premiere! Learn about the 7 effects of peptide xpress lifting treatment

An amber scrub, a proprietary massage with Kobido elements, a lifting mask, hydrogel sheets for the delicate skin around the eyes – these are just some of the steps in the peptide xpress procedure. The treatment covers the entire face, neck, décolleté, and… hands. We decided to combine the maximum effective action of selected active ingredients and multi-level skin stimulation with deep relaxation for body and thoughts. Peptide xpress is a pleasant ritual of beautiful scents and soft touch. The firming and lifting effect is noticeable immediately and lasts a long time thanks to the gradually releasing ingredients.

What can you expect from peptide xpress?

The treatment will make yourskin smooth and taut, and the oval of your face will be visibly lifted. Facial wrinkles will become shallower. The skin will be moisturized, firmed and nourished. The cosmetics developed for the treatment contain specially selected, effective active substances. These are brand new products rich in peptides and other specialized ingredients. Combining their action with a lifting massage stimulates microcirculation and restores a younger, healthier and glowing facial appearance.

The peptide xpress treatment is an uncompromising solution to the passing of time. It is a great alternative to invasive methods of aesthetic medicine. Think cosmetic procedures are not for you? Try the novelty from dottore and you’ll change your mind.

7 effects of peptide xpress treatment

1. Amber cleansing

Relax from the first moments of treatment. The beautiful fragrance of aromatherapy oil will come out of the satin ribbon on your wrist. Let yourself relax while your face is gently cleansed with an amber scrub. See how the skin becomes smooth and radiant.

2. Multi-level anti-aging stimulation

Feel the relaxation and hydration with the peptide serum. Substances delivered to your skin will cause a long-term wrinkle-flattening effect. The cosmetic will slow down the appearance of new signs of aging.

3. Immediate firming and shaping

Time to shape the oval of the face. With the oil serum, you will feel your skin tighten and smooth. The active ingredients will penetrate deeply, improving the condition of your skin.

4. Lifting massage with Kobido elements

Treat yourself to a pleasant massage with a long-lasting rejuvenating effect. A composition of precious oils with natural herbal botox will penetrate your skin. All the muscles of your face, neck and décolleté will be stimulated, lifted, smoothed and soothed in succession. This will make your skin forget the signs of aging for a long time.

5. Rejuvenate and soothe the skin around the eyes

Let your delicate skin around your eyes be taken care of. Peptide hydrogel pads lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes. After just a moment, you will feel visibly refreshed and soothed.

6. Beneficial substances in the mask and hand massage

Let the lifting effect reach the highest level with a mask with a rich composition of ingredients. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, organic oat extract and apple seed stem cells. The time of quiet absorption of beneficial substances from the mask is the perfect time for a relaxing hand massage. The treatment will help you calm your thoughts and body.

7. Peptide lift extension

The radiant, healthy and youthful appearance of your skin will be maintained with the care of peptide day cream. Take home a tube of cosmetics and an aromatic ribbon. Enjoy the pleasure and action of peptide xpress even longer.

Where can a peptide treatment be performed?

The peptide xpress treatment is a combination of specialized products and a complex procedure. It is performed in the best cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic medicine clinics. To make it easier for you to find professionals performing the procedure in your area, we have created a map of dottore offices. Visit a salon of your choice or call and ask about peptide xpress.

Sign up for a facelift treatment at their office today: [TUTAJ]

How to prolong the facelift after the procedure?

Peptide xpress produces a spectacular lifting effect. However, you can make it even stronger and longer! How to do it? It’s simple. Trythe peptide home care line. The day, night and eye cream is a complete lifting treatment. Daily care with products containing peptides reduces wrinkles and lifts the oval of the face. But that’s not all! The peptide line also regulates skin hydration and nourishment.

For women in the peri-menopausal period, we additionally recommend aserum with phytohormones.

Remember not to use products with acids at the same time when treating with peptides. The active ingredients will block each other’s effects.

Need more information about peptide products? Take a look here.

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