Premiere trainings on ferulic xpress treatment

What a great time it was! The release of the antioxidant ferulic xpress treatment was accompanied by as many as four events in major Polish cities. Check out the photo story!

Premiere of ferulic line and accompanying events

The new ferulic xpress treatment and ferulic antiox cream appeared on the cosmetics market on May 15, 2023. The premiere had a unique character. We have invited cosmetologists and beauticians for a treatment demonstration and product and sales training – and in as many as four cities in Poland.

Premiere events

  • Gdańsk 15.05.
  • Warszawa 21.05.
  • Kraków 22.05.
  • Poznań 29.05.

See what it was like!

Program of premiere events

Meetings in four cities provided a great opportunity to gain knowledge and share experiences. The program of each event consisted of several points, such as:

  • demonstration of ferulic xpress – antioxidant treatment with astaxanthin and ferulic acid using nanotechnology;
  • training on the active ingredients and performance of the various products in the new line;
  • sales panel – presentation of the benefits associated with the implementation of ferulic xpress in the offer of a beauty salon;
  • dottore’s potential in the beauty salon on the example of peptide xpress – an anti-aging firming and lifting treatment;
  • question and answer session.

Ferulic line – ferulic acid treatment and cream

Ferulic xpress is an antioxidant treatment with astaxanthin and ferulic acid, using nanotechnology. Thanks to nanoparticles, active ingredients are carried into the epidermis faster and more efficiently. The nanoemulsion allows the substance to be released gradually and in a controlled manner. This makes the care effects exceptionally visible and long-lasting. They can be further prolonged and enhanced by using the complementary ferulic antiox cream as part of home care.

The ferulic line is the precise answer to oxidative stress. The effective action of the products is made possible by combining a wealth of antioxidants, valuable additional ingredients and modern nanotechnology. The ferulic xpress treatment and ferulic antiox cream restore the skin’s balance and protect cells from free radical damage.

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