Redness around the eyes – we know the solution!

The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate. It shows signs of stress and fatigue, and many people also struggle with bruising and the eponymous redness. How to fight this type of imperfection? What are the causes of the listed skin problems? Below is a handful of information. We encourage you to read!

Redness around the eyes – causes

What are the causes of redness of the skin around the eyes? This is very often due to our lifestyle. Stress, poor diet, exhaustion take their toll on our skin. The complexion becomes gray, lackluster, bruises and redness appear around the eyes. We look older than we should, and this often results in a bad mood. The solution? Lifestyle change.

Healthy diet, sleep, rest – beneficial effects on the skin

First of all, we should get rid of bad habits, take care of ourselves, rest, and eat regularly and healthily. It is worth slowing down, carving out time for rest and sleep. We should also remember to hydrate our bodies – instead of another coffee, for example, let’s drink water with lemon.

Another issue is diet.. It is good to limit the consumption of fast food and highly processed foods, and remember to eat fruits and vegetables. Our skin will certainly thank us for it with a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Eye area care

As with other skin problems, we must remember to take careful care. Cleansing, removing dirt, sweat, makeup residue is step number one. It’s also a good idea to include toning in your care, and once a week a scrub and mask treatment.

We can’t leave out the cream either. In addition to a face cream, it’s a good idea to stock up on a cream designed exclusively for application to the eye area. Such a cosmecueutic will nourish delicate areas, and allow the reduction of redness and bruising. Rich in active ingredients, the cream will also improve blood microcirculation and affect faster removal of water from the body – thus avoiding bags under the eyes.

Protecting the skin around the eyes (and more)

Many people forget to protect their skin – a mistake. Remember that the condition of the skin, including the areas around the eyes, is affected by external factors. We are talking aboutexcessive sunlight, light emitted from computer, smartphone and tablet screens (Blue Light), as well as pollutants, such as smog and dust.

So in addition to basic care, it’s good to use SPF50 cream (even in winter). We recommend our City SUNline cream, it will provide protection from the sun’s rays, as well as from blue light.

An excellent solution, especially for those living in the city, would be creams from the City line. Thanks to beneficial fermentation, cosmeceuticals protect the skin from harmful external factors, nourish and moisturize it.

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, properly selected cosmeceuticals containing selected active ingredients are the way to beautiful, radiant skin.

Be beautiful with dottore!

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