Summer challenges for our skin – how to deal with them

Summer is the time when we spend the most time outdoors. When the weather is good and the sun is shining we like to go for walks, spend time at the beach or engage in physical activities. Environmental factors can affect the condition of the skin. It is worth remembering is a few care rules to ensure the comfort of the skin.

Use sunscreen creams

Sun-kissed skin, a beautiful tan is definitely a sign of a vacation well spent and a great time. However, we must not forget that UV radiation is dangerous to our skin. As a result, it can lead to changes that affect skin aging and deterioration.

Remember to apply sunscreen every day, several times a day. Proper skin protection can guarantee a healthier tan.

Moisturize your skin and hydrate your whole body

Hydrating the body and moisturizing the skin is essential to their proper functioning. Lack of water in the body is noticeable first on the skin: it is less taut, gray, dull, and may peel. Wrinkles can form and collagen production processes are disrupted. Dehydrated, dry skin ages faster. Drink min. 2 liters of water per day and use moisturizing face creams. It is worth choosing those with hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides or liposomal glacial water.

Bet on naturalness

Many women can’t imagine leaving the house without makeup. In the summer, it is best to use light cosmetics that even out the color but do not further weigh down our skin. Heavy makeup can promote imperfections. Choose light BB creams to give a light and natural effect.


City SUN BODY SPF30 – the formula provides broad spectrum UV-A and UV-B and Blue Light protection and nourishes skin exposed to harmful environmental factors.

NMF xpress cream –actively moisturizing face cream will work well for very dry, damaged or dehydrated skin.

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