What to look out for in the summer?

Where are you most likely to spend your vacation? Many people associate summer vacations primarily with going to the beach, relaxing in the sun or going on bike or mountain tours. The sun accompanies us everywhere. Most of us remember to apply sunscreen to protect our skin. However, there are issues that you don’t remember and sometimes don’t know about.

UV protective clothing

“If I am clothed, I will be fine” – MIT

Clothes, especially those most favored in the summer, provide us with only illusory protection from the sun. Popular in the summer, preferred for its breathability and naturalness, cotton does not protect not from the sun. Rarely woven, lightweight – sounds ideal, but only as long as the skin has been lubricated with the right cream.

More effective protection will be provided by plastic fabrics – polyester or nylon. Nylon is often used for sportswear. The material is “breathable,” which means that despite the fact that they are made of plastic, but allow air to pass through, keeping the user comfortable even during sports.


In summer, when the heat is on, we associate wind with relief and serenity. However, the wind only dulls our vigilance, we are less bothered by the scorching sun, so we may forget to apply sunscreen. However, a less noticeable temperature does not make the sun burn less.

The same goes for water. Sound familiar? Immediately after getting out of the cold water, it is very pleasant to lie down on a sun-warmed blanket or towel. The rays wrap around our skin. However, the effect of radiation through water on our skin is further compounded. Although a warm towel is tempting right away, it is worth reapplying sunscreen first. The previous layer certainly washed off in the water.

In addition: application of sunscreen – any sunscreen, regardless of SPF or brand – should be repeated every 2-3 hours or so. The belief that smearing yourself with cream in the morning is enough is another myth.


It’s common knowledge, but we’ll remind you again – in summer it’s a good idea to avoid being in the sun during the hours when the sun is at its highest. This time is between 11 am and 3 pm. We should take in 2l of water every day. Demand increases when temperatures rise and during physical activity. 2l is the necessary minimum. Moreover – other liquids will not replace water. We lose a lot of electrolytes during sports and in hot weather. It is worth remembering to replenish electrolyte metabolism. Among the symptoms of electrolyte deficiency are headaches, nausea, drowsiness, weakness and even nervousness.


We know from experience that it is impossible to stop you from lying on the beach. A tanned body according to many looks nice, so a tan is desirable. We believe that the tan and skin color is unimportant – the main thing is that the skin should be healthy and well-groomed! Therefore, we have for you…

City SUN SPF50+ – is designed to protect the facial skin of city people who require high protection – it absorbs quickly, works well under makeup, plus it moisturizes.

City SUN BODY SPF30 – we created for fans of tanning. It protects against sunburn, but allows the skin to get a healthy tan.

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