Vascular skin – 4 care steps for reducing erythema

The skin flushes when exposed to temperature, emotion or exercise. Why is it that what does not affect the skin tone of one person will cause erythema in another? How to reduce severe redness?

Vascular skin – symptoms

How to recognize vascular skin? There are several symptoms that can indicate this type of skin. First of all, shallowly under the skin one can notice dilated blood vessels. You can see that some of them are cracking. So-calledspider veins, or interconnected structures of broken blood vessels, can form. Vascular skin is thin and sensitive. People with this skin type often experience an unpleasant pulling and burning sensation. They very often struggle with erythema, or severe redness of certain areas of the face. The erythema intensifies under the influence of various external and internal factors. It usually appears as a result of exposure to high or low temperatures. Equally common triggers are strong emotions, stress and physical exertion. The appearance of erythema on the face is also triggered by alcohol consumption.

Cracking capillaries – is it only for vascular skin?

Bursting blood vessels on the face, arms, legs or elsewhere do not necessarily indicate a vascular skin type. Spider veins can appear all over the body for a variety of reasons. It depends on genetic predisposition, mechanical trauma and general health. Blood vessels are affected by hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, as well as pressure disorders. Environmental factors are also not insignificant.

The problem of burst blood vessels affects one in two people, regardless of gender

Vascular skin or sensitive skin?

The two terms have different meanings, although they are related. Vascular skin falls into the category of sensitive skin. However, one can have non-vascular sensitive skin. Importantly, there is a risk of sensitive skin turning into vascular.

The skin type is not fixed. Its change can occur at any stage of life. A person who has oily skin in his youth may struggle with dry skin problems in the future. The same goes for skin sensitization. Any skin type can become sensitized and consequently become a vascular type. It is worth noting that the symptoms and processes discussed do not necessarily involve all parts of the body.

There are three phases of skin reactivity:

  • Phase I – erythema appears less frequently, is less intense, and fades faster.
  • Phase II – the number of bursting blood vessels increases, the erythema on the face intensifies and perpetuates.
  • Phase III – fixed erythema occurs along with telangiectasias. These are permanently dilated blood vessels, visible shallowly under the skin. The third phase of reactivity can lead to rosacea.

Rosacea and erythema

If pimples and papules form within the erythema and telangiectasia, this most likely indicates rosacea. It is a chronic inflammatory condition. It occurs most often in women, but it is in men that it usually takes a more severe course. Acne rosacea is a major medical and cosmetic challenge. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the symptoms almost completely. The basis is proper care with professional cosmetics. Diet is also important. In more difficult cases, drug therapy may be necessary.

4 steps of care for shallow-vascularized skin

Care for vascular skin includes four basic steps. They are:

1. Strengthening blood vessels

There are substances that make the walls of blood vessels stronger and sealed. These include B vitamins and vitamins K, PP and C. It is necessary to supply them to the body with food, and additionally apply them in cosmetics directly to the skin. This will reduce the number of burst blood vessels on the face and other parts of the body.

2. Hydration and regeneration of the hydrolipid barrier

Proper hydration of the skin makes blood vessels less fragile. Therefore, in the care of vascular skin it is important to use moisturizing cosmetics. It is worth choosing those that reduce water loss through the epidermis. The state of the hydrolipid barrier will be positively affected by ceramides and omega-3, -6 and -9 acids.

3. Protection from external factors

It is not always possible to avoid external factors that increase the reactivity of vascular skin. However, we can use cosmetics with ingredients that fortify vascular skin. These are the so-called adaptogens. These include Chinese citronella and ginseng.

In addition, careful photoprotection is very important in the care of vascular skin. Exposing the skin to heat causes blood vessels to dilate and burst. That’s why you should use sunscreen all year round. They not only protect against burns and premature aging of the skin. They are also designed to protect the capillaries on the face and all over the body from overheating.

4. Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing effects

People with vascular skin often complain of irritation and inflammation. Therefore, cosmetics used on a daily basis should contain substances that help soothe and heal the skin. These include d-panthenol, shikimic acid and Boswellia serrata extract.

Care at home and at the beauty salon

To properly take care of sensitive and vascular skin, attention must be paid to proper home care. You should get cosmetics specifically designed for this type of skin. We recommend products from the rossatore line. We created it for highly sensitive, vascular and rosacea-prone skin. This is a complete treatment consisting of four products.

Rossatore Cream Blur Effect is a day cream that will nourish and strengthen the skin. Its action is based on the adaptogenic properties of Schisandra chinesis. Blur technology diffuses light, improving skin tone. The cream calms facial erythema and reduces telangiectasias.

Rossatore Resurfacing Cream to night cream with a revitalizing complex. It gently exfoliates the epidermis and regulates sebum secretion. It leaves the skin smoothed and brightened.

Rossatore Peel Home – this enzymatic scrub exfoliates dead skin cells. It smooths and regenerates the skin.

Rossatore Mask Home is a moisturizing, calming and regenerating mask. After its application, the skin is tightened and nourished. The erythema is muted.

All four products in the rossatore line are available individually and as a set. And are there other ways to reduce erythema and telangiectasias and strengthen blood vessels? Yes! Home care should be supported by regular visits to a beauty salon. The rossatore xpress treatment achieves visible results after the first visit. For best results, we recommend repeating the treatment in batches.

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