What cream to choose for winter? 3 interesting suggestions

During the winter season, the skin is exposed to many adverse factors. What should I keep in mind when taking care of my skin so that it is in good shape and looks healthy and beautiful? The right winter cream is essential. Why is it so important and what should guide the choice? Here are a handful of tips. We encourage you to read!

Winter cream – why is it worth it?

When low temperatures give way, our skin is exposed to many adverse factors, we can mention here frost, snow, wind. It is also necessary to mention thermal shocks – from warm, heated rooms we go outside, from frost we go into heated facilities – rapid temperature jumps are not insignificant for our skin.

The above-mentioned factors make the condition of the skin not the best, among the most common imperfections we can mention irritation, redness, dryness, many people also complain of a feeling of tightness, roughness and a gray, dull, lackluster tone. It’s worth saving yourself from all this and taking proper care.

What winter cream should I choose?

First of all, one that will provide the best possible protection from frost and other adverse weather conditions. The cream should be selected according to the needs and imperfections of the skin, act soothing and nourishing, make the skin not dry or tight. It is also important that this cosmetic has a rich but light texture.

Creams for winter – our suggestions

C-flush cream RICH – is a nourishing and anti-wrinkle cream containing vitamin C in its composition. The cream prevents water loss from epidermal cells, soothes the effects of temperature – overheating and freezing, and protects against excessive UV radiation.

NMF xpress cream – a cream especially recommended for dry, dehydrated and dry skin. NMF xpress cream rebuilds the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, deeply moisturizes, provides protection against frost, wind, sunlight.

Retino forte – an intensive restorative night treatment that will leave your skin brightened, hydrated, and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.


Proper skin care in the winter season is a matter that each of us should keep in mind. In winter, our skin is exposed not only to low temperatures, but also to thermal shock, wind and other adverse factors. The right cream containing selected ingredients is essential here.

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