Effect of phytohormones on the skin of Women

Looking for information on how to deal with menopausal symptoms, Woman stumbles across a mention of phytohormones. What is it and how does it work?


Phytohormones, are plant hormones that affect their growth. They are produced in shoots and roots. Rich sources of phytohormones are soybeans, ginseng, pomegranate, apples, dates, grapefruit, cherries, grapes and garlic.

The most valued in cosmetics are phytoestrogens. Their richest sources are crops – young corn, clover or soybeans.

Phytohormones owe their effects on the female body to their similarity to female hormones. This knowledge was used to create phytohormone therapy – phytohormone replacement therapy (FTZ), which is safer than hormone replacement therapy. Phytohormone therapy helps a woman’s body cope with hot flashes, cold sweats, and promotes the protection of the heart and bones. In addition, it calms mood swings and improves mood, the lowering of which is one of the troublesome symptoms of menopause. Phytohormone therapy also supports concentration and memory.

Phytohormones on a Woman’s Skin

Worried about menopause, Woman discovers cosmetics with phytohormones in the formulation. They are recommended for their performance. During menopause, a woman’s skin loses elasticity and needs more care. Formulations with phytohormones moisturize the skin, improve skin tone and tightness, reducing wrinkles.

Among the worries the woman noticed in the mirror is her weight – it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to maintain the figure she would like. The thigh and buttock area is most often affected, but the face is also affected. Phytohormones are a common ingredient in facial oval enhancement products. The most troublesome area for a woman is the chin. The phytohormones in the creams also prevent fat accumulation in the facial area.

History of phytohormones in supporting Woman during menopause

In Asia, women are five times less likely to suffer from ailments that are caused by menopause. This is because the diet of Asian women is rich in soybeans – one of the best sources of phytohormones. With this observation, studies have been conducted and confirmed that phytohormones have a positive effect on menopausal symptoms.

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