How to protect your skin from smog? Guide

Many remember to thoroughly cleanse the face, tone and cream. Unfortunately, only a few know the importance of anti-smog skin protection. That is why today we will focus on protecting the complexion from smog and other air pollutants.

In the era of coronavirus, the plethora of infections and bad news, the topic of air pollution has fallen almost completely silent. This threat is also still present! Even when we don’t talk about it.

Covering one’s face with masks is currently an unpleasant necessity – it is not pleasant, but for one’s own and collective safety one must endure. However, in addition to discomfort, masks have another disadvantage – they rub against the skin of the face, the exhaled air condenses under the mask, causing a warm, moist environment ideal for bacterial growth.

What is smog? How does it affect the condition of the skin? How to defend against harmful external factors? Below is a handful of information. We encourage you to read!

What is smog?

It is worth starting with an explanation of what smog actually is. Smog is nothing more than airborne, microscopic compounds of heavy metals, pollutants and oxidants. The smog includes carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, as well as the very harmful PM10 and PM2.5 particulates. PM 2.5, due to its very small mass, (it is 50 times smaller than the pores of the skin), immediately penetrates into the deep layers, and this results in a worse appearance of the skin and a significant weakening of its condition.

Smog is the total of pollutants in the air. It includes sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carcinogens. Each of these substances is able to enter our body with our breath, but also through the skin. PM2.5, one of the dusts that make up smog, has particles fine enough to enter the body through the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

What makes smog a really serious problem? The impossibility of avoiding it. That’s right. It enters the body easily and cannot be avoided.

Effects of smog on the skin

We see the negative effects of smog in beauty salons every day. The skin is gray, earthy, often hyper-reactive, although there is no genetic propensity. The cause is the degradation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Oxidative stress damages the hydrolipidic barrier, making the skin vulnerable to erythema, pimples and hyperpigmentation.

To make matters worse – damage to the hydrolipid barrier means a significant reduction in the skin’s ability to regenerate.


  • City day cream ‒ is a day cream designed to provide protection against the factors of the urban environment. The cream protects the skin from pollution, harmful effects of air conditioning, smog. This gives the skin a healthy glow, elasticity and is in better condition. The cream is designed primarily for active people who work in air-conditioned spaces and have gray, lackluster skin.
  • City night cream ‒ regenerative processes are most intense at night. This is when the skin cleanses itself of toxins and impurities, and rests. So it is worth getting a cream containing active ingredients that will stimulate repair, regeneration and rejuvenation processes. The cream counteracts the effects of environmental pollution, makes the skin glow, is in better condition.
  • City essence ‒ an essence that protects against the factors of the urban environment-is another of the proposals. The essence should be gently patted into the cleansed face, and then the cream should be applied. City essence not only provides excellent protection from impurities, but also makes an excellent base for makeup.
  • City eye cream ‒ remember that the skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires special care and the best possible protection. The right eye cream will illuminate the skin, reduce imperfections and, most importantly, protect it from smog.


Each of us should remember to protect ourselves from smog and air pollution. Lacking such protection, dust and pollution particles penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in poor condition and unfavorable appearance. So how do you protect your skin? It’s worth betting on a face cream, an eye cream and a protective emulsion.

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