One cream for face and hands

If you were brought here by the desire to find the title cream, unfortunately we do not have one in stock. However, as an excuse, we will give you some reasons why such a product has not been developed!

The skin is different on the hands and on the face, has different needs and faces different challenges. Creating a good cream that meets the requirements of both areas is unfortunately impossible, and on the subject of product effectiveness – we do not accept any half-measures.

Hand skin

The skin of the hands most often needs strong hydration and lubrication. It is exposed to external factors such as wind, frost, pollutants from the air, as well as bacteria from everyday objects we touch in public places, such as doorknobs and handrails. We wash our hands a dozen or more times a day, and in the meantime, with the help of pandemics, we disinfect them with alcohol products. The hydrolipid barrier is exposed to detergents very often. In addition, the skin of the hands has almost no sebaceous glands, so it is almost defenseless. Neglected hand skin that is deprived of our care can become cracked, flaky, red and painful. In extreme cases, even open wounds can appear.

Facial skin

As you know, for facial skin it is impossible to create a one-size-fits-all description. Different skin types mean different needs that change with age and season.

  • Vascular skin – is very sensitive by nature. It reddens easily when exposed to external factors, stress or spicy foods or alcohol.
  • Oily skin – requires a lot of care. It can be described as “whimsical”. Failure to meet its needs can end up with imperfections and even inflammation.
  • Dry skin – as the name suggests, requires constant moisturization. It dries out easily, resulting in accelerated aging and the appearance of micro-injuries.
  • Combination skin – the most demanding skin type, the most difficult to care for. Getting the right products to calm sebaceous glands in areas where they show overactivity while moisturizing areas affected by dryness is not easy. Luckily we have a solution – click!

What is common to all skin types is gentleness. On the face, the skin is thin and exposed to external factors all the time. It is easily irritated. Creams tailored for the hands may be too greasy for the face, too heavy – this can cause pores to become clogged and blackheads to appear. In addition, the layer that hand creams leave behind (desirable on the hands) can roll onto the face, causing discomfort, especially when makeup is applied.

But how about one cream?

If you really care about using one product, that’s fine, but cover your hands with the face cream, not the other way around. Formulations suitable for application to the face are gentle, and will not harm the skin of the hands.


S.O.S. – a cream designed to support the regeneration of the epidermis after aesthetic medicine procedures. It has a strong moisturizing effect, soothes irritation and makes the epidermis more flexible – these qualities also make it a product that will work well for use on the hands.

Sacha Butter – face and body butters. In beauty salons you can meet them in the massage room! They nourish the skin, soften it and in addition, they smell beautiful! Perfect! They also work well as a lip balm.

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