What is ecoRetinol? Guide

Sometimes a change of cream is enough to significantly improve the condition of the skin and enjoy a younger, more attractive appearance. Today we will focus on creams with ecoRetinol. We will tell you what ecoRetinol is and how it affects the condition of the skin. We encourage you to read!

What is ecoRetinol?

EcoRetinol (DHMC) is a patented active ingredient found in anti-aging cosmetics. The effect of ecoRetinol is similar to that of retinol (vitamin A, which influences regenerative processes, removes dead skin, smooths the skin). Unlike retinol, ecoRetinol does not cause side effects such as burning and skin irritation.

How does ecoRetinol work?

How does ecoRetinol work and what effects can we expect from treatment with cosmetics containing the substance in question?

  • tighter, firmer skin
  • increased skin hydration
  • reduction of signs of aging
  • reconstruction of the epidermal barrier
  • smoothed, healthy-looking skin

Creams with ecoRetinol from dottore

  • Retino ‒ at night our skin regenerates most intensively, so it is worth getting a night cream containing substances that stimulate the repair, regeneration and rejuvenation processes. An excellent option for aging skin, acne-prone or hyperpigmented skin would be a retino cream. This cream contains both retinol and ecoRetinol.
  • Retino Forte ‒ here, too, we are dealing with a combination of retinol and ecoRetinol. The cream is designed for use at night, and is recommended for those struggling with loss of skin density and firmness, with a tendency to acne, with excessive sebum production.
  • Retino Eye ‒ remember that the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate, so it requires proper care. Retino Eye will stimulate the skin’s revitalizing processes and make it look younger.


EcoRetinol is a patented active ingredient found in anti-aging cosmetics. The aforementioned substance smooths the skin, moisturizes, reduces signs of aging and, as a result, makes the complexion in better condition and looks younger.

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