Why use glycolic acid?

The beginning of October – autumn – is the time when products with acids return to our care! They are not used in the summer due to their sun sensitizing properties. Today we will tell you about one of the most popular acids used in cosmetics – glycolic acid.

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is the simplest representative of a-hydroxy acids. Its hygroscopic particles dissolve very well in water. This feature makes it the most effective substance with an exfoliating effect.

It is mainly extracted from sugar cane, sugar beet or pineapple. It is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic substance. It is well tolerated by the skin – it quickly gets used to it, even if it does pinch a little on the first applications.

Application of glycolic acid

Creams containing glycolic acid can be used by people with any skin type. Dry skin is moisturized and smoothed, while oily skin will restore proper pH and nourish. The effects of the treatment include an even skin tone and a shallowing of wrinkles – glycolic acid is one of the main ingredients in anti-aging treatments. Because of its exfoliating action and accelerating cell renewal, glycolic acid is successful in shallowing visible scars, such as acne scars. In addition, skin regularly treated with glycolic acid is nourished, fresh – no dead skin lingers, making it look young and healthy.

Products containing glycolic acid improve skin tone. This includes post-inflammatory and sun discoloration.

What concentration of glycolic acid should I choose?

Depending on the concentration of acid in the product, it has different functions. In cosmetics on the market, one can encounter concentrations of 5-15%. They are designed to renew, regenerate the skin and strongly moisturize it. The exfoliating effect here is limited to the epidermal minimum – there is no visible “skin descent”.

Concentrations from 20-35% are used for oily complexions and those struggling with acne. They have a strong exfoliating effect.

Higher concentrations of acid – 50-70% – should only be used by qualified professionals. The acid in such a high concentration has a very strong exfoliating effect. It can cause erythema and irritation. Applied correctly by a medical aesthetician, it gives a spectacular rejuvenating effect – the skin becomes smooth and visibly regenerated.


Novo – night cream with 8% concentration of glycolic acid. Created for people with sensitive skin in need of rejuvenation and those who have not used acid creams before.

Novo forte – night cream with 12% concentration of glycolic acid. It is valued by people with acid-resistant skin, in whom lower concentrations have not lived up to expectations.

Retino – night cream with retinol. In combination with Novo, it provides a very powerful and effective anti-aging treatment. Caution – to such a dose of active ingredients the skin should be gradually accustomed!

City SUN – when using products with ingredients that sensitize the skin to sunlight, it is worth equipping yourself with an effective high sunscreen. City SUN is a cream for daily protection of the skin from the sun. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly and does not leave white marks.

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