Peptide hero mask

Peptide lifting mask for the eye area for mature skin


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The hydrogel mask for the eye area acts like a second skin. Its application is a unique ritual that leaves the skin soft, smooth, supple and relaxed. The anatomical shape of the mask covers the entire area around the eyes. It provides comprehensive action on the skin with the problem of facial wrinkles and signs of fatigue. Peptides improve the quality of the skin, influence facelift and have anti-aging properties.

The package contains 2 pieces.

Capacity: 2 pcs

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The skin around the eyes needs specialized care. It is very thin, and signs of fatigue and wrinkles are noticeable almost immediately. The right active ingredients can prevent wrinkles. They will also remove signs of fatigue and make the eyelid skin lifted and tightened.

There are peptides in the composition of eye area masks. Peptides in cosmetics prevent puffiness and reduce bags under the eyes and have a lifting effect. The improvement in skin quality and visible lifting effect is noticeable immediately. Peptides in cosmetics for the eye area have an effect on smoothing wrinkles. They shallowen them and reduce their length. They have properties that tighten the thin skin of the eyelids.

In addition, in the composition of eye area mask is d-panthenol. This substance has anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates the regeneration of the skin of the eyelids and around the eyes. It also has a soothing effect.


Peptide is a lifting cosmetic line for mature skin. The main care effect of this line is a facelift.

The active substances in the line are peptides and plant extracts. They show lifting and wrinkle-preventing effects. The innovative combination of these ingredients improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, ensures its proper structure. It improves the quality and eliminates signs of aging of the skin around the eyes.

Peptide hero mask for the eye area improves the quality of the skin of the eyelids and eyes. It reduces signs of skin aging, has a tightening and smoothing effect.

  • facial wrinkles around the eyes,
  • skin sagging, loss of firmness and elasticity,
  • the need to tighten and lift the delicate skin around the eyes,
  • drooping upper eyelid,
  • swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

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