Zabieg rossatore xpress
Zabieg rossatore xpress

rossatore xpress

Treatment for vascular skin and rosacea

After just a few treatments, a reduction in erythema is noticeable. The innovative combination of active ingredients effectively soothes redness and improves the appearance of the skin. Adaptogens strengthen dilated capillaries, increase immunity and reduce erythema on the cheek skin. The care effects last a long time and improve the comfort of life for people of all ages.

The feeling of burning and irritation is eliminated. Vascular skin is deeply nourished.

The best skin care results will be achieved by combining a rossatore xpress treatment performed in a cosmetology office with properly selected home care products.

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duration of the procedure

45-60 minutes

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recommended frequency

4-6 treatments at an interval of 7 days

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use regardless of season


  • vascular, sensitive skin,
  • reactive skin,
  • skin with lesions of the nature of rosacea,
  • skin with neurogenic erythema.
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Przed po rossatore

Care effects

The care of vascular skin requires a special approach and care. The treatment for vascular skin effectively reduces its hyper-reactivity. Skin redness is reduced, and erythema and vascular lesions are diminished. Dilated blood vessels i.e. telangiectasias calm down. Skin with symptoms of rosacea is effectively treated. The irritation and burning sensation in the epidermis is reduced. The tone evens out, the skin is brightened.

The active ingredients effectively rebuild the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis.

Acne rosacea is a chronic vascular skin condition. The causes of rosacea are varied, and may also have an environmental basis. The rossatore xpress treatment effectively treats vascular skin, improves its appearance and reduces the symptoms of rosacea. It makes the capillaries on the face and cheeks calm.

* Effect after 2 treatments.

Active ingredients

The main active ingredient of the rossatore treatment is adaptogens, which balance the body’s homeostasis and affect immunization. In the care of vascular skin, they have an antioxidant effect, increase the resistance of vascular skin,
and cause the redness on the face to decrease. Adaptogens include Chinese citronella, the main ingredient in the rossatore treatment.

Cytryniec chinski

Schisandra chinensis

Effectively reduces erythema on the skin and reduces redness. Has a strong nourishing effect, reduces burning sensation and irritation. Significantly improves the appearance of the skin. Effective in the care of skin with symptoms of rosacea.



It is a derivative of azelaic acid. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It is very good at calming erythema on the skin and calms dilated vessels on the cheeks. It lightens hyperpigmentation.

Kwas szikimowy

Shikimic acid

It has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. It regulates sebum secretion and helps unblock the sebaceous glands' outlets. In addition, it moisturizes vascular skin, making it smoother, more supple and firmer.

Treatment procedure

The procedure is performed in the best cosmetology offices.

The first step of the treatment is proper makeup removal and skin cleansing. A lactic acid scrub is then applied. The product stimulates the production of ceramides and increases the penetration of active ingredients in the subsequent stages of the treatment. The serum is applied to the skin using sonophoresis or needle-free mesotherapy. The product with Chinese citronella and niacinamide moisturizes reduces erythema on the skin and soothes irritation.

The calming anti-inflammatory mask effectively fights redness and takes care of cracked capillaries.

The treatment finishes with a vascular skin care cream, which is also available as a product to continue the therapy at home.

The rossatore treatment products are for professional use only. The best skin care results and effective reduction of facial erythema are seen during combined therapy in the cosmetologist’s office and at home.

Suggested home care

Only properly selected home care products are able to enhance and maintain the skin care effects developed at the cosmetologist’s office.