A growing problem of our time is pollution. Environmentalists are sounding an increasingly loud alarm. The problem affects the seas, the land, as well as the air. Garbage can be seen, but what they do to the atmosphere can’t always be seen. Unfortunately, we can see what they do to our skin.

Our experts will tell you about it in a webinar on antipollution. They will introduce the topic of smog itself, but focus on preventive skin care. They will answer questions:

  • What effect does smog have on the skin?
  • How to protect the skin from smog?
  • Can we protect ourselves 100% from external factors?

A wise consumer is an informed consumer. We are happy to share knowledge and answer questions! There will also be a moment for a few facts about the City line. Are you sure you already know everything about it? Check it out!

Is there anything you would like to see a webinar about? Let us know in the comments!

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