How stimulants affect the skin

Drugs are a part of life that we turn to for various reasons. We treat them as a way to de-stress, sometimes as part of social life, and sometimes out of habit.

Unfortunately, alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulants are notorious for good reason. By design, they are simply harmful to health. They pose a threat to our bodies not only because of the mechanisms of addiction. Drugs can be the source of many skin problems.


Cigarettes are one of the stimulants most people reach for. It is the one with the greatest public acceptance. In most workplaces, a “cigarette break” is something on the agenda. It’s hard to imagine a colleague or friend from the desk next to you going on a “beer break.” And this is in the middle of the workday.

A cigarette break hasan adverse effect on our entire body. Today we will focus on the skin – with this problem we can help you.

Smoker’s gray and yellow skin

Among the most important effects of smoking must be the permanent degradation of collagen fibers. Collagen is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of our skin. Its loss results in limpness and the appearance of wrinkles.

Tobacco smoke contains a large amount of free radicals, resulting in oxidative stress in our skin. It is the oxidation that causes skin discoloration and graying – this is commonly called the “smoker’s skin” effect. Harmful substances in cigarettes also affect the condition of the skin on the hands. The smoker’s fingers and nails may take on a distinctive yellow tint.

The condition of the skin deteriorates when we hinder its regeneration process. Not only are we attacking collagen fibers, but we are also depriving the skin of its ability to heal. What’s more, we provide it with free radicals ourselves.


In people with vascular skin, the effect of alcohol on the skin is visible almost immediately. The erythema can appear even after a single glass of wine.

However, even if you don’t have vascular skin, just normal skin, it’s a good idea to limit alcohol. Its excess has an impact on the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Like all stimulants, alcohol accelerates the aging process – it causes wrinkles and deteriorates skin elasticity.

When we talk about the high exaggeration of alcohol, we must also emphasize the risk of skin dehydration. Alcohol dries out – this need not be discussed. In the long run, this can be seen in both skin and hair.

Simply put, alcohol leaches nutrients from the body. In the context of the skin, it is especially about vitamins A and E. They are crucial for the proper functioning and healthy appearance of the complexion.


Listing the Internet on the list of stimulants may be surprising, but we have our reasons! One can become as addicted to the Internet as to any other stimulant. It is impossible to use the Internet without a device with a screen. Unfortunately every screen emits harmful blue light.

Blue Light penetrates the skin deeper than sunlight. It is an important source of free radicals that damage skin tissues. After a while it becomes visible to the naked eye.

Most of us spend at least several hours a day in front of the computer. We then “relax” in front of a smartphone or TV screen. This provides the skin with an almost constant supply of free radicals.

The effects of Blue Light on the skin of those exposed to radiation from an early age can be particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, there are no relevant studies yet to provide us with concrete data. Children raised in a similar manner are still young adults. The long-term effects may not yet be visible.

The solution to the radiation problem is very simple– cream with the right filter! Our skin doesn’t have a natural defense against blue light in such quantities, so it needs to be helped Just as we protect ourselves from the sun in the summer, we can also protect ourselves from blue light!


C-flush cream RICH – day cream for gray, tired skin with the first signs of aging. It acts as an invisible mask to protect the skin from free radicals. At the same time, it nourishes the skin and evens out its color.

NMF xpress cream – a highly moisturizing cream for very dry skin. With liposomal glacial water as the main active ingredient, the cream works in the deeper layers of the epidermis. The moisturizing effect lasts longer. The cream is not greasy – you can put makeup on it.

Retino – a cream with vitamin A. Its beneficial effects on the skin are visible almost overnight. It has a regenerative effect, rejuvenates and supports acne treatment.

City SUN SPF50+ – a cream with the highest possible sun protection, created for people living in the city. The added value is protection from blue light.

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