Natural enemies of the skin – how to deal with them?

Sun, beach, relaxation, summer breeze. We spend summer afternoons and vacation days in such circumstances. We relax, enjoy the moment and spend wonderful moments with our relatives and friends. And do we wonder how the described circumstances affect our skin? Do they have a real impact on its condition?

Dedicated skin care is extremely important in keeping the skin fit, beautiful and healthy. Unfortunately, in our daily lives we encounter natural enemies of our skin, who disrupt the results we have developed with proper care and attention to our skin. Learn some ways to protect your skin from these factors.

The Sun

The negative effects of sunlight on the skin can be seen immediately. Wrinkles, discoloration, irritation, less firmness and elasticity of the skins. These are just a few of the effects of excessive tanning and UV exposure.

Adequate protection from UVA, UVB rays is very important. Use sunscreen every day, regardless of the season. Remember that sunlight reaches our skin all year round. Apply sunscreen as the last part of your skin care routine and repeat this step multiple times throughout the day.

Free radicals

Free radicals are formed due to a number of factors including. Prolonged stress, poor diet, smoking, overexposure to UV radiation and breathing polluted air.

Remember to use antioxidants, antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals and remove them from our body. This is important because it protects our skin from premature skin aging. The skin may be dry, irritated because its hydrolipidic mantle is weakened. The tone becomes earthy.

Use antioxidants both in skin care products ie. serum cream with vitamin C, E, coenzyme Q10 and in oral supplementation. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants ie. currant, strawberries, apples, vegetable oils and drink green tea.


High temperatures, dry air are the main factors that can cause dry skin in the summer. It can manifest itself as excessive itching, irritation and grayish color.

To prevent this, try to provide water and moisturizing ingredients both from inside the body and through the skin. Remember to drink min. 2 L of water per day. Use lotions that moisturize the skin. Moisturizing treatments at a beauty salon may be necessary. The better you protect your skin from water escape, the more beautiful and in better condition it will be.


City SUN SPF 50+ – sunscreen for daily care will protect the skin from UVA, UVB and Blue Light.

C-flush serum – antioxidant serum with vitamin C acts like an invisible mask. It traps free radicals and protects the skin from premature aging.

NMF xpress cream – intensive moisturizing cream for dry and dehydrated skin. It works in two stages, penetrating the deep layers of the epidermis and protecting the skin from TEWL.

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