New release of NMF xpress treatment

Meeting an old friend years later is always an interesting experience. You can see how he has changed. Meeting the NMF xpress moisturizing treatment you are already familiar with in a new version will be fruitful in positive feelings! This friend has definitely changed for the better!

If you loved the treatment because of the effect of deeply moisturized skin and for it you went to your favorite beautician regularly, we are very happy for you. The most important part of the multi-level stimulation of skin hydration is a peel that combines lactic and citric acid with a rich moisturizing complex – substances with proven effects. The treatment is effective, we confirmed it on ourselves and got such feedback from many customers. The effects are guaranteed by a rich complex of moisturizing substances. However, we must confess that we like to spoil you! Therefore, we have added to the procedure a full-fledged classic facial massage performed on the butter included in the treatment package. The massage stimulates microcirculation and oxygenates skin cells, and makes the treatment much more pleasant to feel. Pleasant with useful. It can be done!

Have you had a chance to smell the new fragrance yet? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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