Peptides – modern care ingredients for mature skin

Modern mature skin care involves the use of active ingredients that will stimulate the skin to rebuild, regenerate and have an anti-wrinkle effect. Such components may include. peptides.

Peptides are organic chemical compounds formed by joining amino acid molecules into chains via a peptide bond. Peptides have become popular in cosmetic products due to their bioactive properties, as they are able to interact with skin cells through multiple mechanisms, presenting high potency at low doses. Their small size ensures penetration into the deeper layers of the skin and has a directional effect.

Division of peptides

Signal peptides

They affect processes inside cells. As a result, they influence the activity of fibroblasts to produce the skin’s support fibers – collagen and elastin.

Transport peptides

They act as transporters of active substances deep into the skin, e.g. copper ions which are essential in the wound healing process.

Diastolic peptides so-called. neuropeptides

Action of peptides

  • affect the synthesis of collagen and elastin,
  • improve skin tone,
  • accelerate healing and repair processes,
  • affect the synthesis of extracellular matrix.
  • smooth out wrinkles.


Peptide lifting line – is 4 products designed for comprehensive care of skin with signs of aging. The formulation of the day cream is as much as 30% lifting and skin firming ingredients. The 3-peptide complex in the night cream stimulates the production of different types of collagen, and the serum is rich in phytohormones that smooth wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.

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