Skin care in autumn

The issue resurfaces every year, and more and more people are taking a conscious approach to care. Farewell to the days when pretty packaging and fragrance were most important, and hello to the era of reading labels and seeking expert advice!

Our experts will tell you why it is so important to care just in autumn. They will bring you closer to the topic of acids – what acids in cosmetics are the most valued, what advantages they have, what they respond to what is needed. The girls will recommend you both home care and in-office care – what products at home to support the effect after treatment.

Speaking of autumn care, it is impossible to leave out the topic of retinol and ecoRetinol. How important vitamin A is for our skin and what role it plays. We will tell you about retinol as it is – it has a number of advantages, but there are contraindications as well! We will not hide anything from you. The webinar will appear on 4.12.2020 at 12:00 on our social media and YouTube! We will remind you more about it on our social media. If you are not familiar with our novo and retino lines, a great opportunity to change that is coming up!

You are not to be missed! A lot of practical cosmetic knowledge is guaranteed. If you don’t have a fall care routine developed or your current one isn’t working – stay tuned!

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