EcoRetinol – what is this ingredient?

Vitamin A, retinol and ecoRetinol

Retinol is extremely popular. This widely valued active ingredient is a synthetic derivative of vitamin A.

As an organic compound, vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining the health of the entire body. It supports the immune system, influences the vision process, and participates in the production of red blood cells. Keeps skin, hair and nails in good condition. It also has antioxidant properties – it fights free radicals.

Retinol in synthetic form is widely used in anti-aging and seboregulating cosmetics. It provides great skin care results, as long as the cosmetic is properly selected for the type and needs of the skin. Caution is necessary when using cosmetics with retinol. Otherwise, you can expose your skin to irritation, dryness, excessive flaking, redness, itching and burning sensations.

Did you know that there is a way to preserve the valuable effects of retinol while reducing the risk of side effects? That way is to include ecoRetinol in the cosmetic formulation.

Plant retinoid

EcoRetinol is the organic equivalent of retinol. Its plant-based origin allows for a more environmentally friendly production of cosmetics than the use of synthetic retinol.

The botanical retinoid is found in rhubarb, stevia and Chinese angelica, among others. It is extracted from vegetables rich in flavonoids. These substances exhibit antioxidant, anti-allergenic and anti-mutagenic properties. It is associated with antioxidant activity, the ability to chelate metals and capture free radicals.

The undoubted advantage of ecoRetinol is that it works similarly to retinol, butwithout the unwanted side effects. By combining retinol and ecoRetinol in the formulation of one cosmetic, the effects of skin care are clearly enhanced. In addition, this combination of active ingredients can be used even for sensitive skin.

EcoRetinol and retinol – action

Retinol is appreciated for its extremely broad spectrum of action. First of all, it allows to noticeably rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. How is this possible? Thanks to its properties, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This, in turn, improves skin firmness and reduces wrinkles. In addition, retinol exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates renewal processes. But that’s not all. The vitamin A derivative also helps regulate the sebaceous glands. When sebum overproduction is quieted, the number and intensity of imperfections and acne lesions are reduced. In addition, retinol inhibits the transport of melanin into epidermal cells. This makes blemishes less visible and evens out skin tone.

EcoRetinol exhibits effects similar to retinol. At the same time, it has two huge advantages: plant origin and no side effects. Its stand-alone action focuses on anti-aging mechanisms. This means that it is not directly involved in the regulation of sebaceous glands or in the exfoliation process. Nevertheless, ecoRetinol used in a single formulation together with synthetic retinol Nevertheless, ecoRetinol used in a single formulation together with synthetic retinol. EcoRetinol can therefore be called a booster for retinol.

For whom cosmetics with ecoRetinol and retinol

Products with ecoRetinol and retinol are suitable for people who want to reduce the signs of skin aging. Facial wrinkles, “crow’s feet,” lion’s wrinkle, dark circles and puffiness, loss of skin density and firmness are all indications for care based on ecoRetinol and retinol. The combination of the two ingredients will also help improve dry and dehydrated skin. If the skin shows a tendency to acne lesions – retinol is a good answer. Regulation of sebaceous glands with retinol (enhanced with ecoRetinol) will reduce imperfections. Creams with ecoRetinol and retinol are also recommended for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

EcoRetinol and retinol – effects of care

The retinol and ecoRetinol adventure is a milestone in facial care for many people. The inclusion and use of cosmetics with these ingredients often proves to be the answer to problems that were previously difficult to deal with. A well-chosen daily regimen of retinol and ecoRetinol can clearly improve the overall condition of the skin. The skin looks younger and has far fewer acne lesions and imperfections. Facial wrinkles are smoothed and shallowed. Discoloration becomes less pronounced, the color is evened out.

It is worth notingthe effects of retinol and ecoRetinol in eye creams. A properly selected cosmetic reduces the visibility of the so-called crow’s feet and lion’s wrinkle. It also improves the elasticity and tone of the thin skin around the eyes. In addition, it makes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes smaller. The skin becomes radiant and fresh.

The antioxidant effect of creamswith retinol and ecoRetinol is also important. Antioxidant properties help fight excess free radicals. Thus, signs of oxidative stress fade over time.

Which cosmetics with ecoRetinol are worth choosing

If your skin is not yet accustomed to retinol, choose a cream with a lower concentration of the substance. This version of the cosmetic is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. A lower concentration will be a good idea during the spring season, when the skin is already more exposed to sunlight.

A cream with a higher concentration of retinol is the second stage of care. It is designed for people with resistant skin who are used to this ingredient. It is worth using it in autumn and winter, when skin exposure to the sun is lower.

Don’t forgetthe retinol and ecoRetinol eye cream. An additional benefit of retino eye is its caffeine content, which improves microcirculation. The cream will help you stimulate revitalization processes and reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

How to use retinol and ecoRetinol

If you are wondering how to use retinol and ecoRetinol – remember the two most important rules. This is photoprotection and tolerance building.

EcoRetinol does not cause irritation, but in cosmetics it is often found as a booster for retinol. In turn, the use of retinol creams requires careful photoprotection to avoid unpleasant side effects. That’s why we recommend including cosmetics with retinol and ecretinol in your evening care. In addition, be sure to use sunscreen daily.

You can introduce retinol-based care gradually – for example, use a particular cream every other night. Let your skin build up a tolerance. Once you are sure that the skin is responding properly, increase the frequency and apply the cream every evening.

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