The best beauty accessories – TOP 3

Daily care is not only properly selected cosmeceuticals. To make carrying out daily rituals even more enjoyable and give better results, it is worth getting some accessories. What beauty accessories will be most useful?

Beauty accessories – TOP3

1. Cosmetic band

Cotton cosmetic band is a very useful article. Thanks to the headband, the hair will not get dirty or wet. Moreover, the strands falling on the face will not hinder makeup removal, skin cleansing, exfoliation, mask application or daily makeup.

The cosmetic bands are pleasant to the touch, support the hair well, and do not slip. Most armbands are machine washable, so there are no problems at all keeping the armbands clean.

2. Brush for masks and scrubs

The brush will be perfect for applying a mask or scrub. Instead of applying cosmetics to your hand and then to your face, let’s use a bowl and brush. The layer of cosmetic applied to the face will be even and thin. We will also maintain greater hygiene and not get our hands dirty.

A brush for applying a mask or scrub, it is a brush laid out straight, with bristles about 24 mm long.

3. Cotton face towel

We should wipe our face with a clean, dry towel. This reduces the risk of imperfections, for example, irritation, pimples and blackheads. All this will make the skin look healthier and more beautiful.

Using a damp towel, which we also use to dry other parts of the body, we transfer bacteria, and this, as you can easily guess, negatively affects the condition of the skin.

Dottore offers small towels made of high-quality cotton. The towel is nice to the touch, and you can wash it at 90 degrees Celsius without worry – this will get rid of all bacteria.

Other cosmetic accessories

What other cosmetic accessories, and not only for facial care, can be useful?

  • Bathing cap – a bathing cap does not cost a fortune, and is very useful. We can put it on to protect the hair from water and moisture. The cap will also be indispensable after applying the mask to the hair strands – it will intensify its effect.
  • Sleeping cap – each of us cares about beautiful, healthy hair. Unfortunately, at night the strands rub against the pillow, they are exposed to mechanical damage. A cap, such as a silk or bamboo one, will protect the hair, it will also make it less tangled, and this will increase the comfort of sleep.
  • Facial cleansing brush – a brush, such as a silicone one, will be an ideal support when cleansing the face. The brush will thoroughly remove impurities, makeup residues, sebum.

A set in the form of the right accessories and cosmeceuticals of selected composition will ensure that daily care will bring the right results. And a healthy complexion and shiny hair will certainly result in a better mood.

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