What is a cosmetic peel?

Peeling is a way to cleanse the skin, remove dead skin, even out skin tone. What other benefits are associated with regular scrubs? Which scrub is worth opting for? Below is a handful of information. We encourage you to read!

What is a cosmetic scrub?

A cosmetic peel is a superficial cleansing of the skin. The particles or natural extracts remove dead skin and impurities and make the skin in better condition. There are several types of cosmetic peels, these are:

Coarse-grained peeling

These are scrubs that contain fairly large exfoliating particles. These types of scrubs are primarily used in body care.

Fine-grained peeling

These are scrubs that contain small exfoliating particles, usually salt, sugar, ground fruit seeds. Such a scrub will work well for both face and body care.

Enzymatic peel

These are very mild scrubs that do not have abrasive particles, instead containing plant extracts, such as papaya extract. Enzymatic peels are mainly dedicated to sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

Cosmetic peels – advantages

What kind of results can we expect if we perform scrubs regularly? First and foremost are:

  • cleansed skin, removing impurities and dead skin,
  • equalized skin tone, reduction of discoloration,
  • stimulation of blood microcirculation,
  • skin prepared for subsequent skin care treatments, such as applying a mask or cream,
  • stimulating cells to regenerate.

All this will make the skin look healthy and beautiful, gain uniform color and radiance.

Dottore peels

Peeling can be successfully performed in the comfort of your own home. What scrubs does dottore recommend?

Puratore home ‒ enzyme peel containing papain (an enzyme found in the flesh of unripe papaya fruit). The scrub will remove impurities and dead skin, alleviate acne lesions, moisturize and nourish the skin. Ideal for oily, combination, dry skin.

Rossatore peel home ‒ enzymatic peel with smoothing and regenerating properties, which is dedicated to people who have sensitive, vascular skin, with a tendency to rosacea. The scrub will have a calming effect, reduce erythema, make the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch.


Peeling is a way to improve the condition of the skin, remove impurities, bacteria, even out skin tone. So it’s worth buying the right cosmetic for our skin and cleansing our complexion regularly. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for coarse, fine or enzymatic peeling.

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