Winter skin care – what is worth remembering?

The complexion requires careful care at all times of the year. In both hot and cold weather, we should provide her with the best. It will return the favor with a beautiful, healthy appearance. How to take care of the skin in winter, when it is exposed to low temperatures? We have prepared some tips.

Skin care in winter – why is it so important?

In winter, our skin is exposed to many external factors. These include low temperatures, frigid winds, and snow. Nor can we ignore the rapid temperature changes we face when we enter heated rooms from outside. We should also remember about dry air in heated rooms.

Under such circumstances, the sebaceous glands work more slowly, and the skin loses more water than in summer. Neglect of care, lack of protection will make the skin dry and irritated, lose its glow, take on a grayish tone, and be rough to the touch.

How to take care of the skin in winter?

So how do you take care of your skin in the winter? As with spring, summer and autumn, care should consist of several stages, these are: cleansing, toning, application of cream, additional care, that is, a gentle scrub and a mask.

Gentle skin cleansing

In winter, we rely on gentle but obviously effective skin cleansing. Intensive degreasing is discouraged – sebum is the skin’s natural protective layer, and in winter it is very important. A good choice would be to use a milk, gel based on natural ingredients, without alcohol and irritants.

What winter cream should I choose?

What cream will work for winter care? Creams with a rich texture are recommended. More substantial than the ones we use in the summer.

In winter, the skin needs hydration, nourishment, regeneration. So it is best that the cream has a triple action (we recommend NMF xpress cream from dottore).

Let’s remember that even in cold weather we should protect our skin from the sun’s rays. Excessive sunlight leads to dry skin, discoloration and other imperfections. UV sunscreen is a must. We recommend the City SUN SPF50+ cream from dottore.

While during the day the skin mainly needs protection, at night it is necessary to stimulate regenerative, moisturizing processes – a good choice would be to use a different cream for day, another for night. Recommended night creams by dottore are: Rossatore Resurfacing Cream, Peptide night, Retino Forte, Novo Forte.

Extra care

Once a week it is good to opt for a gentle scrub, an apt choice would be an enzyme scrub. After scrubbing, apply the mask well. Such a duo will make it remove impurities, refresh the skin, nourish it and smooth it.

Provide your skin with the best possible care. Protect it from adverse environmental factors. Enjoy a flawless complexion.

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