Facial cleansing – is it worth using makeup remover milk?

Daily facial cleansing is essential. Neglecting to do so results in poor skin condition and a greater risk of various types of imperfections. Proper cleansing, of course, requires the use of appropriate cosmetics. In many cases, a makeup remover milk will be a good choice.

Cleansing the skin – the basis of daily care

Cleansing the skin is the basis of daily care. We should remember to carefully remove makeup residues, excess sebum, bacteria responsible for the formation of various types of imperfections. It is also necessary to remove various types of pollution, including dust and smog. This will leave the skin clean and prepared for further skin care.

Let’s keep in mind that carelessly cleansed skin is slower to regenerate, loses its radiance, and is gray and rough. What’s more, creams and other preparations absorb less well, which means they don’t have as good an effect.

Milk, and facial cleansing

Of course, in order to perform makeup removal, properly selected cosmetics are necessary. One such cosmetic is a milk. The milk will be an excellent choice for those with dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. The milks have a creamy texture, are gentle and effectively cleanse the skin.

However, keep in mind that the milk leaves an oily film on the face, so you should wash your face with water alone or with water gel after finishing makeup removal. Finally, it’s a good idea to wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in tonic.

Makeup remover milk – which one to choose?

What parameters are good to pay attention to when choosing a makeup remover milk? The composition is important. Ideally, the cosmetic should contain natural substances, such as vegetable oils. For anyone looking for an effective, skin-friendly milk, we recommend SENSITORE MILK.

Makeup remover milk from dottore

Sensitore milk is a makeup remover that comprehensively removes makeup and other impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed. In the composition of the milk there are oils of plant origin, which nourish the skin and rebuild its hydrolipidic layer. The milk contains:

  • Sacha Inchi seed oil, which moisturizes and regenerates dry skin, reduces free radicals, and soothes irritation,
  • skin-smoothing betaine, which has a moisturizing and soothing effect,
  • sweet almond oil, which has excellent moisturizing and smoothing properties.


Thorough facial cleansing is the basis of daily care. One of the cosmetics that will be very useful during such an activity is lotion. The milks have a mild, creamy texture and do a good job of removing impurities and makeup residue.

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