What kind of moisturizing cream up to 200 PLN?

Whether it’s dry, combination or oily skin, we can’t forget to moisturize properly. Here, a cream that is matched to the needs of the skin is essential. What is worth paying attention to? Here are a handful of tips. We encourage you to read!

Moisturizing the skin – why is it important?

Lack of proper hydration makes the skin age faster and wrinkles, furrows or discoloration more visible. Of course, it doesn’t end there, over-dried skin loses its luster, becomes rough and dull. All this makes the face look older, and this reflects on our mood.

Regular use of a well-chosen moisturizer will result in a significant improvement in the condition of the skin. The cream will strengthen or rebuild the hydrolipidic layer, prevent water loss, reduce irritation, give the skin elasticity and make the unpleasant feeling of tightness disappear.

Moisturizing cream – what kind?

The moisturizer should have a light texture and, of course, a skin-friendly composition. Depending on the needs of our skin, we can opt for a cream with a moisturizing and seboregulating effect – it will be a good solution for combination skin with a tendency to oily, or an anti-aging cream for mature skin.

Moisturizing creams up to 200 PLN?

What kind of moisturizer to buy up to 200 PLN? We have prepared several suggestions.

NMF xpress cream – is an actively moisturizing face cream, dedicated to dry, damaged or dehydrated skin. The composition of the cream includes ice water encapsulated in liposomes, Shea butter, polysaccharides, a special moisturizing complex, among others.

Hydratore ‒ a cream with 5% mandelic acid, which has a moisturizing and smoothing effect, while tightening pores and reducing seborrhea. This cream will be a good option for those with combination skin with a tendency to dryness, mature, dry, sensitive or vascular skin.

City day cream – the cream will moisturize and nourish the skin, but also protect it from harmful atmospheric factors, such as smog and air conditioning. The cream’s composition includes Galactomyces Fermentation Filter GFF, a substance with nourishing, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties that will make the complexion look healthy, beautiful and youthful.


Moisturizing the skin is an extremely important part of daily skin care, and it’s worth remembering, whether you have dry, combination, oily or mature skin. The right cream, containing selected active ingredients, is very important. Among the creams up to 200 PLN NMF xpress cream, Hydratore, Novo Forte deserve special attention.

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